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Thread: Co-op ads

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    My friend and I recently made a Co-Op and are looking for friendly, chill and active people to play with, so if you're looking for a stress free experience with lots of love and cooperation we'd love to have you with us! finish regatta missions at your own pace and know you'll have all the support you need!!

    Co-Op Name: United Farmers
    Co-Op Tag: #UN8PK7
    Co-Op Status: Open
    Co-Op Level- 26 and up
    Platform: ios\android
    Language: English

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    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name and Code:VEMV35
    Accepted town level:40
    Co-op rules: English Speaking, must do 6 or more regatta tasks or opt out. 10 or more weekly helps for co-op. Inactive players over 3 weeks will be booted unless you communicate absence. We love to have fun, help each other, and work as a team for regatta goals. By request only.
    Co-op goals: Gold league.
    How players should contact you about joining: Join or go to
    As you can tell, we like Stephen King and Horror. We are very laid back and love to have fun. We are a husband and wife team. I, the wife, am level 44 in less than 2 months and my husband is level 63. I am the leader who handles the managing side (and helping) and he is the co-leader who loves to joke, chat, and help players reach goals. We never require you to do more than you can handle or spend money for T-Dollars. We just want this to be fun and are looking for players who want to succeed in winning and getting ahead in the game while having a good time. After's just a game. Here's Johnny!
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    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name and Code: Sendum to Hendrum #SEN9E5
    Accepted town level: 40
    Any Co-op rules: English,Do not take tasks that already reserved
    Any Co-op goals: We’re a fun, friendly, competitive coop looking for new members who like to race and help each other.
    Hope to see you on board!!

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    Censor Circumventers is looking for a few good players. We are a fairly small but active group. We love to chat! We ask for a minimum of 1900 points per regatta & 50 helps. Our main requirement is having fun! We dump all tasks below 128. We generally stay in the gold league but occasionally have an “off” week. No big deal! iOS/Android. Minimum level 70. English only please. Contact via our group & you’ll be admitted. Looking forward to meeting you!

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    Welcome to NeighborSupport*
    ( #NEWZY9 ).*
    We are an international team who excels in helping. We are recruiting new dedicated racers who want to join a family, play daily and have fun.
    * Minimum level - 50
    * Platform - iOS/Android/Kindle
    * Join - By request
    * Flag - teal background with light teal butterfly
    * Language - Must speak English or be willing to learn

    We require:
    *Min requirement to race: 8 X 130 pts.
    *If life gets busy or you need a break, we ask that you communicate with us and opt out.
    *We have a closed Facebook page which we use for communication and mentoring. Teammates are welcome to join. Joining is not mandatory.

    Our goal is to stay in the gold league, but we fluctuate btw silver and gold. Realm life is not as important as family, school and work.

    Our motto is give and you shall receive. We are a family who promotes fun, friendship, communication, sharing, caring and generous giving.*

    Racing Onward,*

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    We are very aggressive regatta players and a very dedicated team who races with gust and win. All of us scores 2160 every Regatta! As a result, we have been in top 3 in Golden league exactly 108 times so far, and have won 44 of them!

    The Co Op name is Regatta.

    Here's the required mandatory information

    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Name
    Co-op Status
    : Open between races
    Level Requirement: 52+
    : English
    Co-op Tag
    : #REGZ38

    We offer:
    A chance to win you the Golden Sail, and a habit to be at top in every regatta.

    We're looking for people who:
    #1:must participate in Regatta
    (Opting out for a short duration is allowed whenever necessary)
    Highly Competitive, with a gust to win every race. (
    finish all 15+1 tasks with high score)
    love playing this game

    Contact Us: Find us with the co op code#REGZ38

    One more thing, (Please read entire paragraph before turning off) we usually spend at least 50 tCash in every race, we have a strategy. You do NOT have to buy it, we will tell you how to earn it, most of us earn more than that every week, few earn higher than 100 quite regularly. Its pretty easy!

    That's all we ask for, and helping helps off course, although not mandatory.

    We love the game, the thrill of the race drives us. Most importantly, for us we want everyone to nJoy the game.

    So please do join us if you do so too!
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    Wind Racers
    Must be level 50 or higher
    Android platform
    Invintations accepted by request
    Currently silver league

    Looking for players who can do all tasks at 130 points and above onlyor opt out of race,
    I am currently racing by myself and love to help out everyone I can .
    If your looking for a drama free and friendly co op come join me.

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    PLATFORM: Windows
    Co-op name and Code: Co-op name- Ackie123
    Code- #CK597N
    Accepted town level: 39
    Any Co-op rules: Language: English. No taking of Reserved tasks allowed. Reserve all tasks except for House of Luck & Mining. Must help 10x for regatta. Must do at least 2 tasks.
    Any Co-op goals: We work to stay in the Gold league. Other than that, just have fun.
    How players should contact you about joining: Just join the co-op

    We love to have fun and help! No drama please, this is a game not a war, lol.

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    Coulnd't find any coop that suits me best so I've started new one. Active players are welcome!
    PLATFORM: ios android
    Co-op: Stardust #GMV6WP
    level: 85
    Any Co-op rules: no crazy rules, it should be fun, if you want to join me with regatta must do min 5 tasks, more will be appreciated! helping team would be nice as well!
    If you like it just join.
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    PLATFORM: Android and iOS
    Co-op name and Code: Mishon #MS7X89
    Accepted town level: 40
    Any Co-op rules: English in chat, players must help others as much as the can. Enjoy playing.
    Any Co-op goals: Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, etc).
    How players should contact you about joining: just join

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