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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Hi everyone! / ¡Hola a todos! / Bonjour tout le monde !
    I look for people interested in join my co-op! Language is not a problem! If you are interested in join it, please look for this co-op and be sure of being willing to help

    Estoy buscando gente que quiera unirse a mi cooperativa, si te interesa, por favor busca la siguiente información.

    Je cherche des joueurs intéressés en joindre ma coopérative, si vous êtes intéressé vous pouvez la chercher avec les informations ci-dessous

    El idioma no es una barrera, lo importante es tener la voluntad de ayudar!
    La langue ce n'est pas une barrière le plus important c'est d'avoir des envies d'aider

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Name: Cooperativa El Buen Puerto
    Co-op Game Code: #CY22GQ
    Entrance Level:19

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    Clover Competitors

    We are a friendly, laid back but competitive team playing in Golden League (not GLB ). We complete 16 x 135 point tasks in four days or less, we use the Quick Reserve method to minimise errors but other than that, there is no reservation of tasks. Our team currently has members in Asia, Australia, Canada, USA and Europe, so we cover most time zones. Good communication is essential and we use Messenger and in-game chat. Most of our team are ‘Hoppers’
    We are looking for permanent, regular players who enjoy racing. The co-op is set at the moment to ‘by request’ or contact Jill Wright Township on Messenger for more information.

    Platform - IOS / Android

    Co-op Name - Clover Competitors
    Co-op Tag - #CCRXHF
    Required Level - 80
    Preferred Language - English
    Team Size - 20+
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    Co-op: 30aliens
    Tag: #3SR5PQ
    Required Level: 45
    Language: English
    Platform: IOS/Android
    Team Leader/Co-Leaders: Rob, Amy, Amanda
    Members: 12, all active

    We are a hardworking group, we strive to communicate well, chat and get to know each other, and have fun.

    We have a 1 hr task reserve system, if you need additional time on a hold, we ask that someone else can grab it if they can complete it quickly or are in need of a task

    We do not have a requirement, all we ask is that you work hard. We help each other, amazing team effort all around always.

    please feel free to join us at any time, or contact me (PM) at any time. I get email alerts so I will get back to you as quickly as I can, even if this post is months old it's ok always looking for more members!

    Best of luck,
    My Friend Code: 5VZFTD
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    Are you ready to join Brave New World?

    We are looking for racers to join us on our competitive Gold League Squad!

    We pride ourselves on being helpful to each other and very friendly to all of our neighbors. RL always comes first. If you are looking for a place where you can grow and be supported then you have found the right group! Just check out the donations from our members. We are very active in the regatta also and are consistently in Gold League. If you are interested in getting onto the regatta team this is the time to join.

    Co-op goals:

    1. Being consistently competitive Gold League (we are currently in Gold League)
    2. Providing a positive, helpful environment for our members

    Any Co-op rules:

    1. Say hello once joining.
    2. We expect everyone to help with donations.
    3. We do invite people to join us in the regatta (16 tasks of 135 points is minimum to participate in the regatta).

    How players should contact you about joining: We are set to OPEN so you can just search for us and join.

    We hope that you will consider joining us! You will not regret it!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle

    Co-op name: Brave New World
    Co-op code: #RH2Z9X
    Accepted Level: Level 50+ (Must have 4 boats and 3 trains)
    Language: English
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    Golden Sail Winner Coop is looking for *flexible* racers.

    If you like to do about 5~10 tasks on average but don't mind doing more if needed (thus flexible), come join us!
    If you are a 135x16 player, come join us too (leader is a max player as well).
    You will have an option to relax a bit but still remain gold and win golden sail trophy!

    Anyone active and level 19+ is welcome. We will grow together.
    Racing is not mandatory in this coop, but please don't forget to opt out before the race starts, and be helpful.

    * English chat but any other language speakers are welcome, as long as we can communicate in English
    * Helpful players preferred,
    * Level 19 and above, and
    * No Task Reservation (express your interest in chat)

    Coop Tag: #K3QK2S (name: Ferocious Hare Co.)
    Platform: iOS, Android, Kindle
    Leader's Friend Invitation Code: EHS85X

    Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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    Teammembers wanted for our friendly coop. Semi casual Gold league regatta, helpful teammembers and an active chat

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Name:Blue Cow Community
    Co-op Game Code:UMJK63
    Entrance Level:25

    Why you should join us:
    1. Active chat
    2. Helpful folks
    3. Casual players
    4. Fun first

    We are looking for players who want to help each other where we can and get some tasks done. I can imagine not everyone is able to play always. We all have stuff to do, but in a team if everyone does a little bit it helps a lot. Currently we have 29 members with 20 active racers, we are in the gold league of the regatta. We can always use the extra hands to win bigger

    We all have stuff to do next to play games. 3-4 tasks a week should be pretty much the minimum, if not you can still join but optout of the regatta and help the team with requests!

    Keep in mind, if you join right before the new regatte, we might opt you out. We had people join in and leave right after the start while opted in. Meaning we would relegate to a lower league due to the poule we were put in based in our amount of opted in people.

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    The Fun Crew #ZQUZW3 Windows based platform is looking for members Level 25 and above who would rather not compete in regattas but who enjoy just playing, and having fun helping others.

    PLATFORM: Windows
    RULES: No regattas just playing and having fun helping each other.

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