Like, g'day, eh!! <Insert Bob & Doug Mackenzie Theme Music>

We're like looking for other hosers (and non-hosers who want to join our Canadian crew), eh!

But seriously, I am looking for more people to join us. An interest in participating in the Regattas and helping our Co-op members out as much as possible is a must. We're semi-casual, but I do want us to be a Regatta Co-op.

Platform: Android
Current League: We slide between Copper and Silver Leagues
Co-op name: Canadian Rockies, eh!
Co-op code/tag: #CN8PFN
Accepted town level: Level 50+
Language: English Only

Any Co-op rules:
Semi-Casual. RT Comes First but participation highly encouraged. Please PM me here in the forums if you will anticipate being away for extended time due to vacation/illness/family events or situations.
-- English Only
-- 21+
-- Discord MANDATORY
-- 4 Tasks/Regatta minimum
-- 10 Help minimum
-- Any member with a 0-Help/Task count (in general or specifically in Regatta) without prior notification will be removed.
-- No Reserving Tasks. Try to let others know if you've got an interest in a specific Task, whether in the game or in our Discord.
-- No Dumping Tasks. We take what we get and do our best to get it filled with help from our "Hozer" mates.

Any Co-op goals:
-- Regatta Participation and good cooperation to gain rewards each week
-- Teamwork-Geared
-- Fun, semi-casual, social Co-op atmosphere.

How players should contact you about joining:
-- PM here and/or search for us via Co-op Tag.
-- Membership currently OPEN.

NOTE: I want this to be a fun, social group and a place where we can all relax, enjoy the game, and the company. Be respectful at all times.

Co-op Tag: #CN8PFN

Our Discord is:
Discord Link: