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    Starting over. Had a great group but they got tired of playing. Merged with another group, all drama, not fun.
    So We’re starting over, I have won gold several times and would like to rebuild a group to do it again!

    Do you love to play the game? Do you like to help your teammates? Do you like to compete in the Regatta?

    I am an experienced leader, English chat, encouragement and no rudeness or drama allowed.

    If this sounds like a great team you would like to be a part of, join us and let’s have fun!

    Worked our way back up the board. Just made it to gold league again. Come help us win the trophy!

    Name is, Cooperative players
    code, CZQVYR
    iOS, android
    MUST chat in English
    Level 40 minimum
    Minimum 5 tasks at 130+ per race,
    Be nice, no drama and have fun!
    Just join, open group

    Leader is Moo Cow Town
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