Co-op name: Chula's Paradise
Co-op tag: #CHUEU2
Co-op status: By Request*
Platform: Android and IOS
Number of current members: 3
Required level: 65
Language: ENGLISH
Contact via FB Messenger
Leaders FB ID: Jaidiu Ayannar Elanor

Are you looking for a great co-op? We're looking for fun, friendly, helpful and ACTIVE teamies with serious Regatta Race issues!! LOL

Let's team up!! You're welcome to join Chula's Paradise! We're family friendly and participate in the Regattas!

Come be part of the team, help your teamies achieve our goals all the while having fun & making new friends!

Contact me via FB Messenger or just come on by to Chula's Paradise!

Looking forward to seeing yas soon!
Coffe Infused Pilot Clutterville LOL
~ Leader of Chula's Paradise

Leaders FB ID: Jaidiu Ayannar Elanor

Chula's Paradise search tag:

(Make sure to use the '#' when searching).

Additional Info:
🏆🌟 We're GOLD League 🏆🌟
(Need experienced sailors to keep Gold!)

🌟 Helping Each Other 🌟

Requirements & Rules*:
Must be level 65 or higher, be willing to do ALL Tasks @ 135 points or opt out BEFORE race begins, communicate, read chat & help your teamies.

Reservation privileges for Elder+ rank. Elder rank obtained after understanding rules & Regatta strategies.

Reservations are for preparing for a task only. IE: Sending out ships for fishies or making a gazillion cookies.

No reservations on House of Luck.

🌟Above all be kind and respectful at all times. A quick greeting or saying "Thank you" goes a long way!

Again, English only plz.

We have a co-op FB page & FB Messenger group. Not mandatory but FB Messenger is an excellent way to communicate during Interseaonal Regatta.

Leaders FB ID: Jaidiu Ayannar Elanor

* Minimum tasks requirements or co-op rules may change per strategy & leadership decisions.

While Facebook is fun to use as a tool for better communication during Regattas, it is NOT mandatory. Also, I always recommend creating a separate FB gaming account for privacy while enabling ALL possible security features to keep yourself safe while playing! Ty