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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Hi Township Friends!

    We are looking for new co-op members who are fun and competitive...also being super helpful is very important. My co-leader and I were in another gold league co-op and the two of us completed the majority of the tasks, usually 75% worth. Not only did we complete most of the tasks, but other members rarely took part or failed to complete tasks they chose, including our own leaders. Super frustrating. And no one chatted at all, not that we are super chatty, but when you would ask a simple question, no one would answer ever. Anyway, we have formed a new co-op and are looking for supportive and competitive members!! Please join us!

    PLATFORM: iOS/Android
    Co-op name and Code: TownshipPlayers #WE3Q9X
    Accepted town level: 40
    Any Co-op rules: (Language, reserves, help requirements, etc). Preferably English (but not required), must help others and join in on competitions.
    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, etc). Gold gold gold!!!
    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, Facebook, etc). Just request to join please


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    Platform: Android/iOS/Kindle

    Co-Op Name: TeamTown #EQRZ28
    Co-Op Accepted Town Level: 40
    Co-Op Rules: You must be kind to those who help you. A "thank you" doesn't cost much. ALWAYS answer when the Leadership Leader and Co-Leaders) ask you to. (We prefer your activity status is enabled).
    Co-Op Goals: Regatta (No Global Top): 7 tasks / 119+ points each task, it's important to help others, we do not accept single-digit number of helps. If you cannot complete 7 tasks you will be restricted (If you cannot play at a regatta session, send us a message that you cannot take part for a reason so we won't kick you accidentally! If you get restricted once the next time is the last, you will be kicked out.) Not doing at least 7 tasks, you also get restricted. If you complete one task so you just get the rewards, you get kicked at once. If you didn't send a message or notified us about your activity during a regatta session, it's not our fault.
    Co-Op Joining: By request, just find us.
    Town Name & Level: [72] Georgetown
    Co-Op Name & Code: Teamtown #EQRZ8 (Language: English & Greek)
    Co-Op League: Golden League

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    Nov 2016
    Southern California

    Join us for the adrenaline rush of an exciting speed race!

    🌺Oasis Township Family is now recruiting for our speed team, Oasis Outrigger! 🌺

    Platform- iOS, Android, Kindle
    Co-op name and tag- Oasis Outrigger #S4JV4W. Part of the Oasis Township Family
    Min level- 75
    Rules- Messenger and English required.
    Goals- Golden League aims to win 1st place. Finish asap or 24 hours depending on competition.
    Contact info-Co-op is set to ”by request”, pm me here in the forum, or via messenger: ot.tsrecruitment

    We have a very active hop group and are adding a speed barn hop division!


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    Hi everyone, we are a friendly co op trying to build a strong team. We are looking for players that are active and that are looking for a long term co op home. Give us a try!!

    1. iOS/Android/Kindle
    2. Kleenex Box / #KE4FFX
    3. English, Must be helpful
    4. Gold League and having fun is the goal of our co-op
    5. Active Players, we all play and chat daily!

    We are a friendly, respectful and helpful team; looking for daily players like us.
    Aim for Top 3 in Regatta, must communicate in chat; English Communication.
    If busy opt out, display online status, and complete 15 +1 135 tasks.
    No Drama please, just want to enjoy the game; it is our fun relaxing zone

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    PLATFORM: Windows
    RULES: Must communicate. Race every regatta. Have fun!!

    Pls request to join!!


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    Platform: IOS/ Phone & IPAD
    Co-op name & code: Sailing Smooth . #S7VYXM
    I'm level 65, so I'm looking for someone around my level or up . 55 or above!

    Honestly, I'm looking for someone that does not likes to race or rarely does race, as I like racing by myself. Is more about helping each others. Even if im playing regatta I will prioritize helping each others. So if you want to be helped or like giving help, send me a request. This is a very small co-op, of only 2 people, but the other person has been going for a while now, which is fine. We all have a life, and sometimes we need a break from the game.

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    PLATFORM: IOS/Andriod
    Co-op name and Code:Texas 2.0 #EXD652
    Accepted town level:41+
    Any Co-op rules:

    ---> 150 Min.

    ---> Reserves: There are no reserves for the first two days, After that there is a 3hr reserve limit. Once the time is up the task becomes open for grabs. No arguements/ugliness is permitted about snagging a task when time is up. No reserves on HOL at any time.

    --->130 task Min. All other tasks will be dumped by leaders or elders. (However the limit may be 130 most of us go for 135. however it is the choice of the racer.)
    ---> 15/16 tasks must be completed

    Any Co-op goals: We strive to maintain our gold status. We are not a first place grabbing co-op so please keep that in mind. We like to have fun, help others and meet new people.

    If any questions just message me and I will get back with you as soon as possible.
    CO-OP : Texas 2.0
    TAG: #EXD652

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    We are rebuilding our co-op and seeking new active, friendly members. We were recently a gold league co-op, but several members stopped playing so we are silver looking to get back to gold. We are looking for new members to work our way back up! I am an aggressive, I play to win. If you feel the same... Please come aboard

    PLATFORM: IOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name: Georgia’s Favorite
    Co-op code: GEQYSN
    Accepted town level: 20
    Any Co-op rules: English language,
    minimum 5 regatta tasks per each round.
    Co-op goals: main goals are to work our way back up to gold league and have fun!
    How players should contact you about joining: request to join in game

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    Our group is a fun, supportive team from all over the world. We help each other and looking for new members that will be active in regattas. All we ask is if you need a week off, sign out of the regatta for the week.

    PLATFORM: iOS/Android
    Co-op name and Code: Lindsay Family "N63HQ5"
    Accepted town level: 50
    Any Co-op rules: Looking for English speaking individuals that like to chat, be helpful, and have fun.
    Any Co-op goals: We are currently in Gold league and trying to maintain that. So, we ask you do 16x125. We are not aiming to win gold as we are not cutthroat players (we all have jobs and things to do in real life, right??) but 16x125 usually keeps us from being Becalmed.

    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, Facebook, etc). Request to join

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    Hi everyone! / ¡Hola a todos! / Bonjour tout le monde !
    I look for people interested in join my co-op! Language is not a problem! If you are interested in join it, please look for this co-op and be sure of being willing to help

    Estoy buscando gente que quiera unirse a mi cooperativa, si te interesa, por favor busca la siguiente información.

    Je cherche des joueurs intéressés en joindre ma coopérative, si vous êtes intéressé vous pouvez la chercher avec les informations ci-dessous

    El idioma no es una barrera, lo importante es tener la voluntad de ayudar!
    La langue ce n'est pas une barrière le plus important c'est d'avoir des envies d'aider

    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Name: Cooperativa El Buen Puerto
    Co-op Game Code: #CY22GQ
    Entrance Level:19

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