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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Co-op name: Be friendly 2.0
    Co-op code: #EYMQ2X

    Accepted town level: 19 for now, will be raised with progress
    Any Co-op rules: Be friendly and participate in regattas
    Any Co-op goals: Gold league
    How players should contact you about joining: Just join!

    Great bunch of people who strive for a helpful co-op in gold league.

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    PLATFORM: Windows

    Co-op name: Nova Scotia (but we have members from around the globe)
    Co-op code: #NV6M98
    Language: Must chat in English

    Accepted town level: 30
    Any Co-op rules: Be friendly and participate in regattas
    Any Co-op goals: Stay in Gold League
    How players should contact you about joining: By request

    Small friendly group looking for a few more dedicated, chatty, helpful racers. Or, if you want to be a chatty, helpful non-racing member in the background, that's OK too (as long as you select "non-racing")

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    Android/iOS platform.
    Co-op tag is #FRCEXW
    Friend tag#2LY4K6
    Do you just want to have fun? Not much time to always talk? Do you appreciate a thank you from team mates when you help?
    Do you wanna do tasks at your pace BUT still get max done?
    You tired being told you need to spend t-cash on extra tasks?
    Well not in my co op! Extra task is NOT MANDATORY.
    Take time to do tasks BUT GET ALL DONE.
    We know life happens and game is last on priority list. We are a small team but headed to the third league! Just 2 of us! We are looking for same minded player's.
    Please respect Leader/Co-Leader.
    Task reserve BUT NO STEALING them you will be removed.
    Well my NEW CO-OP is simple
    All tasks under 125 gets dumped
    Communication is a must!
    21+ ADULT ONLY!
    If you don't help or race you are removed if you opt out of racing that's fine.
    Thank you Kimmie

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    We have 3 highly desirable spots currently open for new players to join us.

    Co-op name and Code: Dragon’s Fist #DRU55H

    Accepted town level: 50
    Any Co-op rules: 50 helps per week, and minimum 5 tasks (if racing). We are only interested in active daily players. Only those with crazy high Co-op help stats are accepted. Typically that means if your level 70 help stats should be minimum of 1200, level 80 at 2000 helps, and 90 or above over 3000 helps. Don’t bother to join without those numbers. We are all givers and looking for like minded players.

    Any Co-op goals: We are a tight group that is hyper focused on high help stats. Give until it hurts and Co-op members will have your back. We go in and out of Golden League, help each other, have fun, and love spending time together.

    How players should contact you about joining: Join and we will will check your help stats before accepting.

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    Co op name: Strong united blessed
    co op tag: #SR86Y4
    platform: Android
    accepted level: 55
    language: Understand english

    we are daily players, who are helpful ,fun, interactive and very friendly. We all love regatta and are consistently in gold league. 12 tasks of 132 points or more...most of us do all tasks...buying t cash is not a requirement. 6 hour reserves are allowed for factories, crops and ships....if this sounds like you....please pm me here or just join us 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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    PLATFORM: iOS, Android
    Co-op name and Code: Coolste Koop #C57M6P
    Accepted town level: 35
    Any Co-op rulesE
    Any Co-op goals: Zusammenhalt egal in welcher Liga
    How players should contact you about joining: just join

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    Co-op name and Code: Pizza Day #PZGD7G
    Accepted town level:42
    Any Co-op rules: We ask for all members to complete 5+ tasks in regatta or opt out. Inactive players are kicked weekly after regatta has finished. We have about 5 open spots and we're looking for long-term members. No reservations in regatta! We all like to help each other and everyone has a positive attitude about getting requests filled.
    Any Co-op goals: We're usually in silver league and the team seems to be satisfied with this. We've been in and out of Golden league but it hasn't been sustainable for us long term.
    How players should contact you about joining: Request to join. We look to see that incoming members have a positive history of helping others.

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    PLATFORM: android/IOS

    Co-op name and Code: Texas 2.0 #EXD652

    Accepted town level: 45+

    Any Co-op rules: Must speak english!!
    50+ Donation(helped) Min.
    Must complete 10 task Min (We recommenced everyone to do the max available to give us our best shot.)
    Semi Reserves on task
    1. 1st 2 days no reserves(so that those who complete there tasks early can knock there's out faster.)
    2. 3Hour min on reserves (after 3 hours are up its fair game.
    3. Absolutely no stealing tasks during the 3 hours of reserve time.
    (: we dump everything under 125 pts. ( Most of us aim for 135pts.

    We are really competive during reg.
    We expect our members to be active during the week.
    Our coop is like family, we are adults here and have a 0 tolerance for drama.

    How players should contact you about joining: You may just join and speak with one of the leaders or pm me.

    We hope to see you there!! Everyday is a party here!!

    PS. We do have a facebook group for coop members that is not mandatory to join, it helps with communication and strategy.

    Attachment 47696

    Attachment 47703

    PSS. We are not all from texas, we have members from all over so dont be discouraged to join.

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    Feb 2018
    Co-op Name: The Piggy Party
    Co-op Tag: #HEJ7SF
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Competitiveness: High (Gold League 16/135pts)
    Co-op Icon Description: Gold/Orange frame with a Green Pig face and Green background
    Number of Members: 17/30
    Level Requirement: 60
    Language: English
    Platform: Android/iOS/Kindle

    *Golden League Team: New members will be promoted to Elder status immediately so you can dump tasks/not be limited or at a disadvantage. If all goes well, you will become a Co-Leader*

    About us: Gold League. We are primarily between the USA & Europe so we help around the clock. We usually fill each other’s requests pretty fast. Fun group, no drama.

    We're looking for people who: Currently we are looking for 2-3 members who will complete 16/135pt tasks. You need to help others out. If you are unable to hit the requirements, feel free to opt out as needed. English speaking. Only serious players please, as we kick out those who do not respect our rules. (2 players are currently hopping and will return at the end of the week)

    Our rules:
    - As for reserving tasks, we only reserve long/prep tasks, and within a reasonable amount of time. All other tasks are on a first come basis
    - Dump tasks under 135 points to keep the board set up
    - We finish by Saturday or before
    - Help others out – you don’t have to have hundreds of helps, but single digits is not encouraged
    - Opt out the weeks you know you will be too busy to play
    - Enjoy yourself and have fun!

    Contact Us: You can private message me in this forum or just come find us and send a request in the game. If your Profile numbers regarding helps, gameplay, etc are low you may not be accepted. (However, if there is a reason for this let me know via Private Message. I know sometimes other co-ops may not request often so of course your numbers would be lower!)

    Piggy Party Ad - new.jpg
    Last edited by Smidge; 09-25-2019 at 12:23 AM.
    Town Name: Smidge
    Town Level: 119
    Co-op Name: The Piggy Party #HEJ7SF
    Required Level: 60
    Type: By Request

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    Looking for members to join our co-op! We're always in the golden league in regatta. Looking for members to participate in the regatta. Our members are always willing to help out when you request it.

    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name and Code: Clare's Coop #CFRRZR
    Accepted town level: any
    Any Co-op rules: Must participate in regatta
    Any Co-op goals: Looking for a gold league win!
    How players should contact you about joining: Just join! We're open

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