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    Co-op ads

    Please post here if you are looking for new players to join your co-op, or you're interested in a merger.

    Please include the following essential info:

    Platform: All coops are either a) iOS/Android/Kindle, OR b) Windows, OR c) Mac. These three separate groups cannot play together. Without that being prominently displayed most people simply won't read your ad at all, so it may be deleted.

    Co-op name and Code:
    Accepted town level:
    Any Co-op rules: (Language, reserves, help requirements, etc).
    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, etc).
    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, Facebook, etc).

    Please note: this thread is for ADVERTS ONLY, not replies (which will be deleted).

    Please only post your co-op ad once a week. If you do return to post another ad after that time, please delete the old one. Failure to do so may result in the newer post being deleted as a duplicate, as will posting before a week has passed.

    Older advertisements will periodically be removed to make room for newer ones.
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    Regatta Roomies is looking for members who enjoy competitive racing in Gold League. We recently had some members leave due to their decision to enjoy a slower casual race.
    Rules are: 1. 135 tasks only 2. Finish by Friday 3. Reserves O.K for 2 hours 4. Enjoy playing with members in Gold League 5. We use Facebook Messenger.
    Find us at the Co-Op building at #REG9WZ
    Platform Android/IOS Town level 50
    Language English Goals 1350 points by Fri.
    Contact leader in game at P.Ville Surf's Up (Sandy)

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    Co-op name and Code:Ilvermorny #V76Y7U
    Lightning bolt banner Leader:Fragm3nted
    Accepted town level:30
    Any Co-op rules: Promote to elder after 5 tasks. Play regatta or opt out. Be helpful when you can, we are not crazy competitive. Just casual racing moderately active.
    Any Co-op goals: Gold league 15 x 130+.
    How players should contact you about joining: please request to join

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    Friendly and generous

    We all help each other out all the time
    Looking for more ppl to race and participate in regattas

    Platform: android/iOS
    Coop Name:Midnight Mavens
    Minimum Level: 19
    Language: English

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    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle

    Co-op name: Scarlett Meadows

    Co-op code: #SC872G

    Accepted town level: 40+, but can make exceptions

    Language: English, Spanish (Español), French (Francois)

    Co-op rules: You have to participate in the Regatta or simply opt-out. 5 tasks or more is preferred. Kindness is a must. Helping out other members is mandatory, as well. You can reserve tasks, but if someone else can do the task first, it could be taken by another member.

    We want serious players who would like to win. We are always in the Golden League, but we’ve lost some great players lately, and are in need of more. YOU could be our next great member! We love seeing great members on our team, and we have so much kindness to share in a wonderful, healthy environment.

    Co-op goals: To stay in the Golden League, and to have fun with it all.

    How you should contact you about joining: Refer to the Co-Op Code above and send a request to join. You can also feel free to message me through the Township website. Thank you for considering Scarlett Meadows, and we hope to see you soon!

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    Co op looking for semi competitive players

    Giver's Only Palms Club is seeking new members. Must be able and willing to complete 16*135 by Friday finnish. Android/iOS/Kindle platforms. Seeking levels 65+

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    Very friendly and helpful team looking for 4 or 5 more players to improve us in regatta, lets win together and have fun doing it

    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name and Code: Downtown - #DWQVPP
    Accepted town level: 50
    Any Co-op rules: Language is English, no reservations, active communication, 10 task minimum (more if you can!)
    Any Co-op goals: Win the Gold League!
    How players should contact you about joining: By Request on game

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    Looking for active teammates

    Hi all, we are a small but active coop that would like to add a few more teammates. We are 135/16 all task or all relay coop, drama free and love to help.

    Platform: IOS/Android/Kindle
    Coop name: Headless Chickens, Code: HE8K5Z
    Rules: English, Level 70, reserves only for long production tasks or crops, complete all 135/16 or all relay tasks, delay start
    Goals: have fun!! The game should be enjoyable and we win without spending a lot of T cash
    Contact: send a request to join

    We have been playing in gold league since forming the coop and usually place in top 5. We are not super competitive or working at GLB but do want to stay in gold league. We have members on west coast & east cost of USA, as well as England. So if a small, friendly, helpful coop sounds like a good fit and you can finish all 16/135 or all 135 relay tasks then come check out the Headless Chickens

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    PLATFORM: I play with IOS
    Co-op name and Code: Land of Milk and Honey. #N4RRRZ
    Accepted town level: 50
    Any Co-op rules: English speaking 135 point 16 tasks
    Any Co-op goals: Coop is in Golden League

    I am looking for friendly players that are competitive in nature and wants to finish as best as we can but also realize that life happens and that isn’t always possible even though we strive to finish in top 3. I’m just an old country girl housewife that wants to join with people that enjoy playing but don’t want drama. Please join me. I’m already in the Golden league and will promote you immediately

    PS I’m on level 175 and have played 4 1/2 yrs and I love to help others get as much out of the game as possible with a large inventory I can fill your orders with.
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    We are looking for more players to help us improve in the regatta. Must be friendly and helpful!

    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle

    Co-op name and Code: Family Town 2 #FM56MV

    Accepted town level: 40

    Any Co-op rules: Must be helpful (at least 40 helps per week), anyone can reserve tasks, tasks should be at least 120 points for a total of at least 1000 points

    Any Co-op goals: Have fun and be moderately competitive. We are in the silver league and would like to stay there or go up to golden if possible.

    How players should contact you about joining: Use code to request to join in the game

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