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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Co-op ads

    Please post here if you are looking for new players to join your co-op, or you're interested in a merger.

    Please include the following essential info:

    Platform: All coops are either a) iOS/Android/Kindle, OR b) Windows, OR c) Mac. These three separate groups cannot play together. Without that being prominently displayed most people simply won't read your ad at all, so it may be deleted.

    Co-op name and Code:
    Accepted town level:
    Any Co-op rules: (Language, reserves, help requirements, etc).
    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+, etc).
    How players should contact you about joining: (PM on the forum, just join, Facebook, etc).

    Please note: this thread is for ADVERTS ONLY, not replies (which will be deleted).

    Please only post your co-op ad once a week. If you do return to post another ad after that time, please delete the old one. Failure to do so may result in the newer post being deleted as a duplicate, as will posting before a week has passed.

    Older advertisements will periodically be removed to make room for newer ones.
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    Looking for teammates!

    Lindsay Family is looking for Co-Op members!!
    Platform: iPhone / iOS, Android
    Co-op name: Lindsay Family
    Co-op code: #N63HQ5
    Accepted town level: 19
    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: Be helpful, participate in Regatta!
    Any Co-op goals: Make friends, complete tasks in the Regatta, and help each other build great Townships!

    How players should contact you about joining: Feel free to join!! We are always welcoming to new friends!

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    We're recruiting for other active players who are looking for a good home. We started in a coop where the leader and others became inactive so we have created our own coop.

    We are looking for serious coop participants to join us. We have members from US, UK and India.

    Platform: Windows

    Language: English Only but all nationalities welcome

    Any Co-op rules:
    * Real life comes first but we need serious regatta players. Please search for us using the search terms below
    * Participation in regattas is our must, but if people need a break and notification is given then that is okay
    * Any age is welcome but within reason. Ideally we would like the more mature players.

    Any Co-op goals:
    * We are focussed on doing regatta tasks but recognise that different levels of players can only do what they can
    * We value teamwork. We share what we can with each other and help each other grow
    * We are a friendly co-op who value each other and teamwork. We expect respect at all times
    * If you can’t participate for a while you just have to let us know. However, anybody inactive without prior notification will be removed from the co-op.
    * You just need to search on the terms below to find us.

    Township Name: Plune from office
    Coop Tag: PU9ZJF
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    Exclamation YOU'VE WON! - Look no further!

    HappyMonkie here and as leader of this fantastic CO I'll give you the PDP skinny in a sultry (imagine it), voice:

    The Poop Deck Pub consists of a crew from around the globe who are a crazy mix of moderately competitive peeps and enjoy being in Gold, will strive to win all newbies the gaudy "Golden Sail' achievement, never fret a dip or so and don't kill ourselves in lieu of having fun. Join us if you have a sense of humor, are willing to chat with fellow Mates on occasion, and can dig this:

    * Platform:
    * Level: 50 (PM if lower & want in)
    * Co-op Code: #EC52WU
    * Language: English
    * CO status: We're OPEN! Come on in & say Hello!
    * Other: 18+

    Regatta Rules:
    * Minimum 8 tasks at 125+ points
    * Help all when you can as we are a quick-fill crew and appreciate the teamwork!
    * Reservations: Factories, Crop-growing, Islands (produce) - only
    * MUST opt-out if unable to race - C'mon.. we all need time to sit-out! Don't make me kick you...

    I would so offer a package deal to entice you to join us but for now will leave you with the anticipation of being part of a CO you can enjoy.. Please feel free to PM me here with any questions!

    Happy sailing! ~ HM
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    Co-op Name/Code:The PooP DecK PuB / #EC52WU
    Town Name/Code: HappyMonkie / #23J4BZ
    Town Level: 70!

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    Cupicakes R Us is looking for members.
    Lvl 19+

    I just made a Co-op. I am a former MasterMuffin member. In which I was very active. I was tired of having an inactive leader. Therefore I thought I’d try to adventure out on my own.


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    Coop in search of members

    Hello !

    Platform: android/ios
    Co-op goals: To be the best coop that we can by helping eachother and doing our best during reg.
    Coop name: Les navigateurs de l’ouest
    Co-op code # ESF52J
    Town level: 19+
    Language: French and English

    Regatta : 16x135

    Possibility to opt out.

    You will be head deputy if you join us.

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    Beachside Resort


    Gold League


    Level 45+

    Minimum 7 tasks per regatta
    Minimum 30 co-op assists per regatta

    Minimum requirements must be met or player will be restricted from Regatta.
    Please consider what is required prior to joining.
    No invitation necessary, simply join if our co-op is the right one for you ⛵️

    Be kind, enjoy and have fun ⛵️

    We are competitive, helpful and friendly ⛵️

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    PLATFORM: Android
    Co-op name: Team PL
    Co-op code: #ENM4ER
    Accepted town level: 24
    Language: PL

    Zapraszamy wszystkich chętnych do naszej nowej ekipy. Zgrani, weseli, wygadani. Oczekujemy wzajemnej pomocy, aktywnego udziału w regatach (min 10 zadań), 125+. Nie rezerwujemy zadań. Grupa jest otwarta więc zapraszamy o każdej porze dnia i nocy.

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    I just took over my co-op trying to build it back up. If any daily players are looking for a co-op. That agree to participate in the Regatta and help your fellow members please join us .

    Plat fourm: any
    Co-op name: The Lucky Charms
    Level: 19
    Co-op tag: #HEQUWP
    Language: English

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