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Thread: Co-op ads

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    In It To Win It #N68WRE
    Level 40

    Regatta participation required. Only 135 tasks. No reserves. Helping others is a must.
    Our only goal is to win. If you like to win join us and we can do it together.

    Just join.

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    Hello ladies and gents!!

    We are looking for dedicated members who love to race in reg, help others and engage in friendly conversations.
    We are a highly competitive coop!

    Platform: android/ios
    Co-op goals: To be the best coop that we can by helping eachother and doing our best during reg.
    Coop name: Texas 2.0
    Co-op code # EXD652
    Town level:30+

    Members must complete 10 tasks (Max tasks are more preferred of course XD), 50 help min.,

    We do semi reserve for tasks (First 2 days of reg no reserves (that way those who complete tasks faster then others can go ahead and knock it out) Members are able to reserve a task up to 3 hrs, after 3hours is up its fair game.) **If members are on vacation or not able to complete required tasks/donation they will be responsible for letting one of the leaders know in advance so they will not be kicked.

    Lower tasks during reg will be dumped.

    We love welcoming new members to the family, If you think you will be a good fit please join up!! we will be happy to have you.

    All leaders are equal so if you have any questions that needs answers please join and fill free to ask.
    There is always opportunity for promotions and growing!!
    CO-OP : Texas 2.0
    TAG: #EXD652

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    Just sailing💙⛵

    Platform: Android
    Co Op name: Just Sailing
    Co Op Code: JUS7QC
    Min. Town level: 57
    Language: English
    Rules: must complete all tasks, no tasks under 135 points, help out as much as possible, be active. Reserves only on island factories and crops.
    We are serious about the regatta and want to be in gold league we only started up 3 weeks ago and are in steel league for now.
    If you are serious about regattas and can do all tasks at 135 points come and join us we would love to have you
    How to contact us: go to game and type in our game code
    We look forward to having you be a part of JUST SAILING 💙⛵

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    The skye is the limit

    we are a coop of nice and friendly people who are willing to help eachoter. Some of our friends are stopped playing so now we are looking for new players. We would love to reach the gold regatta but it is hard with out 30 players.

    We are an active coop with very different people. We've got players from The netherlands, Algeria, Belgium and Norway. We have day people and night people. Some like to talk and others are quiet. But we all like to help and laugh. Do you join and help us?

    Platform*: iOS / Android / Kindle*
    Coöp-doelen*: We want to play for gold with your help ( now we are playing in the silver regatta)

    Co-op-naam*: The skye is the limit
    Co-op-code*: #HE5VFJ
    Geaccepteerd niveau: Niveau 25
    Taal*: Dutch and English

    1. Be friendly
    2. Join the regatta
    3. Try to do 8 tasks of 130 points

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    Chocolate Warriors - #CHUD39

    Chocolate Warriors is making some changes and we hope you will stop by and give us a try! We are going from highly competitive to a more relaxed/moderate atmosphere of racing.

    We are a Family Friendly co-op that wants to build a team of 25-30 players that are active, helpful players and want to see the team get back to being moderately/highly competitive.

    Co-op name and Code: Chocolate Warriors / #CHUD39
    Status: Open (for now)
    Platform: Android, iOS, Kindle
    Accepted Town level: 50+
    Region and Language: US and English Only
    Contact: pm here in the forum


    We do have a fb messenger group that we have our teammates join so that we can discuss regattas, tasks, questions, concerns, etc. so that in-game chat does not get overwhelmed and players questions or requests are lost in the shuffle.

    **Don't want to race, but be apart of a co-op? We also sign quarterbacks to the team! These players don't race but help other team members with filling crates or in-game chat help.
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    "If I am found vague, listless or agitated, Administer Chocolate Immediately." Sandra Boynton

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    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op name: Wolf
    Co-op code: #W4UVE6
    Accepted town level: 40
    Co-op rules: English speaking preferred so we can chat; all nationalities and locations welcome. No task reservation.
    Co-op goals: We're a friendly bunch who love playing, participating in regatta, and helping each other out. We'd love to build a strong team of active players, while still allowing for life in the real world.
    How players should contact you about joining: just join

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    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle.

    Accepted town level: 40
    Any Co-op rules: English, communicate, wipe tasks under 128. Try to make as close to 15 tasks and opt out if you cant play
    Any Co-op goals: (Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+,).
    How players should contact you about joining: (, Just Join,).

    We are looking for very competitive players who help each other out and have strong communication skills and can handle doing ten to15 tasks per regatta and don’t mind having a set of playing tasks above 128. We are a very friendly team and some of us have been on the same team for years and everyone who joins is automatically added as an elder upon completion of your first regatta with us. Our rules are very simple; if you cant play for whatever reason, opt out, reserve only what you can do in 4 hours, wipe tasks under 128 and do your best to make the required number of tasks! If you are interested and are willing to commit to the rules and love to be number 1 in the golden league, then please look us up we are NitroCherries]

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    платформа: андроид (мобильная)
    название: пираты
    код кооператива: #m48p55
    уровень:27 и выше (желательно 70+)
    язык: русский
    приглашаем активных игроков для участия в регатах и победах в них!

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    Looking for a few great players to join us at Knitville

    We have a great group that works together. Friendly game chat but still a competitive team! Won the Golden Sail!

    PLATFORM: iOS/Android/Kindle
    knitville #KNXNMJ
    Accepted town level:40
    Any Co-op rules:chat in English, finish 5 or more tasks, help co-op members
    Any Co-op goals:Gold league, golden sail winner
    How players should contact you about joining:request to join
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    Friendly team looking for new members 😃🙂😋☺️😄

    Co-op: Wild Waters (code: #W33H7Y)
    Language: EN level:19 (we are much higher levels but are happy to help newer players grow)

    Our team is open 😎🌴 come join the fun

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