Hello ladies and gents!!

We are looking for dedicated members who love to race in reg, help others and engage in friendly conversations.
We are a highly competitive coop!

Platform: android/ios
Co-op goals: To be the best coop that we can by helping eachother and doing our best during reg.
Coop name: Texas 2.0
Co-op code # EXD652
Town level:30+

Members must complete 10 tasks (Max tasks are more preferred of course XD), 50 help min.,

We do semi reserve for tasks (First 2 days of reg no reserves (that way those who complete tasks faster then others can go ahead and knock it out) Members are able to reserve a task up to 3 hrs, after 3hours is up its fair game.) **If members are on vacation or not able to complete required tasks/donation they will be responsible for letting one of the leaders know in advance so they will not be kicked.

Lower tasks during reg will be dumped.

We love welcoming new members to the family, If you think you will be a good fit please join up!! we will be happy to have you.

All leaders are equal so if you have any questions that needs answers please join and fill free to ask.
There is always opportunity for promotions and growing!!