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Thread: Co-op ads

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    Platform: Android

    Co-op name: Vanguard

    Co-op code: #VNDU62

    Accepted town level: 60+

    Language: English

    Any Co-op rules: Complete Regatta tasks and help other members. Completing max taks helps you get promoted, not completing tasks get you demoted and utterly kicked from Co-op.

    Any Co-op goals: Gold League Top 3

    How players should contact you about joining: PM of the forum, search via Co-Op code
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    Town of Republika
    Co-op: Vanguard

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    Co-op Name: Angle's Wings
    Co-op Tag #NG55GQ
    Accepted Town Level: 50
    Language: English
    Co-op Description: Brown Shield with Yellow Diamond
    Platform: ios/Android/Kindle
    Regatta League: Gold
    Cop Status: open

    We are a friendly co-op seeking members who will help teammates and can complete at least 10 tasks (120 or higher) per race. We are moderately competitive and would like to stay "golden" if possible. We currently have 7 members but 5 have had to opt-out recently leaving only 2 of us active so we welcome players who want to play! To join our team just search our tag #NG55GQ!

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    Platform: IOS, Andriod, Kindle
    Co-op name: Space Floaters
    Min town level: 55 (highest level is 136 now)
    11 members, 7 actively race
    Code: #SPWYJN
    Golden league

    We are an English speaking, International team looking for a couple active players.
    No reserve
    16 tasks 130+
    Friendly team! We have no drama and treat each other respectfully.

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    Platform: Android
    Co-op name: baebaekids
    Co-op code:#E3QHVD
    Accepted town level: 19+
    Language: English

    We're a brand new co-op made up of some friends! We're all daily players and we're looking to grow. Anyone is welcome to join. We're happy to support new players or continue to grow with our long-time players. Feel free to PM me, otherwise you can join the co-op in game.

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    Beachside Resort

    Silver League
    Level 45+
    Minimum 7 tasks per regatta
    Minimum 30 co-op assists per regatta

    Minimum requirements must be met or player will be restricted from Regatta. Please consider what is required prior to joining. No invitation necessary, just join if our co-op is the right one for you ⛵️

    Be kind, enjoy and have fun ⛵️

    We are in a Silver League and we are competitive, helpful and friendly ⛵️

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