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    Platform: Mac
    Co-op goals: ??? I just like to play and WIN. My current co-op sucks. I'm the only one that does stuff, no one helps anyone out but me. I'd like to join a co-op that is active and actually HELPS each other!

    Town name: ToeTimeTown
    Friend code: SYVGC8
    Town level: 35
    Language: English
    Current co-op name and code: peace

    Co-op requirements: ????

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: PM or just friend me on the game

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    Smile Greenville, SC co-op

    Hello! Is there a Greenville, SC co-op out there I could join. I am currently at level 33, moderately active player.

    Or if anybody is interested in joining me to create a new co-op please let me know!

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    Jan 2020
    I am a moderately active player that is looking for a casual but absolutely active clan.

    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: Gold/Silver League, Regatta Top 3,ACTIVE!

    Town name: ImatrixCity
    Friend code: 8EP952
    Town level: 40
    Language: English, Italian
    Current co-op name and code: n/a

    Co-op requirements: Active is the priority. Also it needs to have more then 25players.

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: PM or friend request in game (this one is better).

    Hope to find a good coop soon! Cheers

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    Looking for active co-op

    Platform: iOS
    Co-op goals: looking for an active co-op, daily player, active in regattas and helping members

    Town name: Harleyville
    Friend code:JGML37
    Town level:39 very close to 40
    Current co-op name and code:none left co-op there was no participation

    Co-op requirements: (Do you want to be able to reserve? Do you want to be in a smaller co-op? Etc).Im open for requirements

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: (PM on the forum, send friend request in-game, etc). Please send in game friend request.

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    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: Looking to join a Gold league co-op, with everyone doing 16x135 every week or opt out. I don't wish to be rushed, but can guarantee max points every week by about Friday. I like a social co-op. My current co-op is full of amazing people but there are too many casual players. I'm also 4 levels higher than the next player so I can't get much help on higher level item requests.

    Town name: BeechCounty
    Friend code: DT2RD4
    Town level: 77
    Language: English
    Current co-op name and code: Claire and dan CQS8DM

    Co-op requirements: Preference only to reserve tasks that require actual preparation - growing, factory, boats. Not HoL, ingots, coins, etc. Prefer co-ops generous with sharing.

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: invite to co-op with personalized invite mentioning my post

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    I am looking to join an established co op. I am not interested in regattas, just playing and helping others. My current level is 70 and I rarely make requests however am happy to help others if I can.

    PLATFORM: Windows
    ID: Lavender Fields

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    Looking for a co-op of players based in Atlantic Canada. Windows platform. level 67, very helpful and chatty, usually do max plus one tasks at 135.

    send me a private message here


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    Hi, I’m looking to join an active co-op that races to hopefully place in top 3 or even win!
    I’m level 101, do 16x 135 and seeking a friendly group that communicate and chat.
    I’ve got the golden sail for the last 2 groups I was in, but sadly they don’t communicate much and I miss that so that’s why I’m switching groups
    These last 2 groups have been small, 4-5 members and I usually complete 16x 135 in a day.
    With a bigger group it may take me longer though, I’m not sure ?
    My zoo is finished and I’m looking for a group to call home.

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    Im looking for a 135x16 coop in 2 days or less. Its 2 of us..usually do it in 2 hrs or less messenger name Joanne Eastridge...
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    Looking to join a co-op that plays on the windows platform, l am level 61 , my friend code is szzkns & my town name is Monaghan Town (dee)

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