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Thread: Player ads

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    May 2019
    I am looking for a very active co-op but with no hoppers. Check out my ID P68ESU. I help a lot and am a team player.

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    My current co-op is silent except for requests/help. No response to question about the co-op or regatta (my first one.) It's not that I want to chat constantly. Just would be nice to have some friendliness.
    I've completed some regatta tasks (my first regatta.) I give generously and check often to see If help needed. I won first place in the Halloween event. If you need more info, just ask.

    Thanks for reading...Taylor

    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: Too new to know about this. I'm open.

    Town name: TayTown
    Friend code: M22JBR
    Town level: 30
    Language: English
    Current co-op: Yash #YSK8MF
    Co-op requirements: many active members and friendliness

    Contact by PM or invite is fine.
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    Player lvl 128 seeks active coop / Recherche coop

    Platform: iOS
    Co-op goals: Gold league, 15x130+

    Town name: Bubba
    Friend code: N22FC7
    Town level: 128
    Language: English/français
    Co-op requirements: 15+ active players

    Contact here or friend request.

    Daily player. Looking for coop of 15+ people who are active. Was leader of my own successful coop until key players went offline and so have given up my leader status in search of greener, more active pastures!
    I’m friendly and polite but am unlikely to spend hrs on chat either. I give lots of help and will spend t cash when I have to!!
    All propositions considered from coops at similar levels and playing at gold league.

    Je joue tous les jours et je recherche un coop de 15+ joueurs qui sont actifs. J’étais chef de mon propre coop jusqu’au moment où les équipiers les plus importants ont arrêté de jouer et ça n’es plus drôle toute seule ! Alors je renonce à mon titre de chef et recherche une nouvelle équipe.

    Je suis toujours polie et j’aime connaître les personnes dans mon équipe, je ne passerai pas des heures sur le chat non plus. J’aide les autres au maximum et je dépense un peu de « t cash » quand il faut !

    Je considérerais toutes propositions des équipes au même niveau et faire 15x130 ou mieux dans la régate.

    Contactez-moi ici ou invitation d’ami. N22FC7

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    Platform: Android
    Co op goals: Helping people and being active in regattas.

    Town name: Silent Hill
    Friend Code: xrlkja
    Town Level: 56
    Language: English
    Current co op name and code: The Sanctuary Y2H7GS

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    Hi. I’m an active player in the sense I play at least 2 to 3 times a day. I love the Regatta but what I don’t like is having little choices on what tasks to take because my current co-op only does 132 and higher so all that is on the board is Plane tasks. It’s so hard to get all 15 tasks done when each takes 1-2 days to complete.

    I am looking for a coop with lots of members who play and participate in the Regatta but don’t care so much what league they are in. Who do tasks under 132.

    I am high level player, over 120, who loves to help. I’m in the USA, east coast, and only speak English

    So, I’m looking for:
    Co-op with 15 or more members
    Active in Regatta but plays more for the fun and prizes then “Winning” first place in Gold

    Is there a Co-op out there like that? Contact me.

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    Hi! I’m an active daily player looking for a competitive 16x135 English co-op. I typically finish racing by Wednesday or Thursday. My only hang-up is that I refuse to use Facebook. Please send request in-game if you think I could help your team: WHURZB (Half Moon Hollow).

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    Looking for a very competitive co-op going for top.

    Hey everyone! So I’m interested in a very competitive co-op. I’m level 49 and consistently bring 1900 points and more. I left my old co-op because they started getting a bit too laissez faire with the competitive part of the regatta. I created my own for now but I doubt I will get enough members to get to where I want to go.

    Edit: I play on IOS (mobile), level 49, looking for 16 tasks at 130 for all team members. Would like to play in silver, golden league. My town name is “Katiya Town” and I live in Canada. Please message me in the game or on the forum (here). Thanks!
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    Town Name: Midlothian Valley
    Town Level: 29
    Language: English

    I’m looking for a super active, chatty, and kind co op that is regetta and helping focused.

    I am an active player that has the potential to greatly help your co-op!

    PM me!

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    Looking for active co-op

    Looking for active fun and relaxed co-op.. I play daily but im not great at regatta.. I do participate in it I just can't afford to spend money for high score.. thanks

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    Jan 2020
    Platform: iOS
    Co-op goals: Gold league, GLB focused, 15x130+

    Town name: Austerlitz
    Friend code: Z3WN8M
    Town level: 20+ (growing fast)
    Language: czech/english

    Co-op requirements: active (not necessarily chatty)

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: send friend request in-game

    Fresh and eager town looking for active co-op for enjoying all aspects of the game.

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