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    Looking for a co-op that has a lot of regatta participation. I am level 65 on Android and I help alot. Town name is smadak.

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    I am looking for a very active co-op but with no hoppers. Check out my ID P68ESU. I help a lot and am a team player.

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    My current co-op is silent except for requests/help. No response to question about the co-op or regatta (my first one.) It's not that I want to chat constantly. Just would be nice to have some friendliness.
    I've completed some regatta tasks (my first regatta.) I give generously and check often to see If help needed. I won first place in the Halloween event. If you need more info, just ask.

    Thanks for reading...Taylor

    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: Too new to know about this. I'm open.

    Town name: TayTown
    Friend code: M22JBR
    Town level: 30
    Language: English
    Current co-op: Yash #YSK8MF
    Co-op requirements: many active members and friendliness

    Contact by PM or invite is fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danyp1 View Post
    Retired guy looking for active co-op, windows based, level 35, play daily, rarely miss a day, usually on several times a day. Active in regatta, no problem sharing, unless it is a one way share. Lots of time on my hands. Thanks in advance.
    You can join our co-op. It’s called super co-op, we are low on players rn, but we need some good helpers/racers and we are in the golden league.

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    U can join mine it's new I need members I play every day

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    My co-op is new I need members... I play every day

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