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    Cherche Coop en Francais

    Je cherche une Coop active en français
    Je suis niveau 44

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    Plateforme. IOS
    Nom ville Micoville
    Niveau ville 44
    Langage. FR
    Code CTES4S

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    Co-op goals: ONLY 15/16 and 130+ Tasks

    Friend code:UMM78M
    Town level:47

    Only well organized CoOps that play in Golden Legaue. I can join once current reggata is over and before next one start.
    No less than 10 participants per reg.


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    Looking for a team

    My Info:

    Level: 73
    Town Name: BOOGA
    Friend Code: 5VZFTD

    I complete 16 tasks pretty much every race. I am not a game addict, but looking for a team that is somewhat competitive and talkative, and also some limitation with the task reserves, meaning that the hold board isn't clogged up with reserves on every task. PM me for details or feel free to send me a friend request. My door is always open,

    My Regards,

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    Platform: (Android).
    Co-op goals: Love the Regatta and pushing for top scoring

    Town name: Tinkrtown
    Friend code: AV7P6N
    Town level: 43
    Language: English

    I am a very active, helping person and am looking to join an active Co-op. I am pretty competitive, so a Co-op that participates in the Regattas would be a good fit. Please feel free to PM me or send a friend request.

    Thank you!

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    Cool looking for active co op?

    i play on android and is looking for a good co op... the co op i am in seems dead ... so i need active friends...

    Platform: (Android).
    Co-op goals: helping others most of the time ...

    Town name: Kei mouth
    Friend code: 5SC968
    Town level: 54
    Language: English
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    Need a new coop, active daily, uk player good stats

    Hi I am the only active member in my coop I have good stats and play regularly, members in my co-op don’t participate weekly and I would like to join one that is active. I am based in the uk
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    Looking for a active co op

    Hi, I am looking for a fun, chatty, and active co op. I would like a team with 20+ players that do not reserve. I am at level 165+ and am helpful and active. I always do 16/135 and can finish in two days. I am not interested in the global leaderboards. Please PM if you think that I would be a good fit for your team. I would like to stress active and chatty is what I am looking for. Thanks

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    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: Regatta advancement, but primarily focused on teamwork and helping each other

    Town name: Kiera
    Friend code: SRXB5H
    Town level: 77
    Language: English

    Co-op requirements:
    -ability to reserve tasks, but rules for when to reserve (explanation below)
    -members around my level or higher so we can help each other
    -members helping each other at least 50 times each per regatta

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: PM me here so I can check out your co-op

    I'm frustrated with my current co-op. I've been with the same core group of people since I started and they are wonderful at helping each other with planes, trains, and zoo tasks, but I don't feel that they help each other with the regatta enough.
    Some tasks can and should be done quickly and easily. For example, another co-leader and I tried to implement a rule that you can only reserve tasks that need preparation like production, island, or crop tasks. Otherwise the board gets clogged up.

    If this is your co-op philosophy please message me!

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    Looking for a co op

    As the title says me and my girlfriend are looking for a co op with active players and good amount of racers just csnt seem to get in one worth staying with and dont like hoping I'm level 65

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