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    Looking for an active and friendly Co-op

    Looking for active co-op

    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: Looking for a co-op based either in the UK or Europe. The co-op should be active in the regatta and also dump tasks beneath 126 points. Additionally, it would be good if people were more chatty than just asking for help. A cohesive group is what I'm looking for.
    If anyone listing here is interested in forming a new co-op, let me know or send a friend request. Thanks.

    Town name: Lilliput (Elizabeth)
    Friend code: 5FVPBL
    Town level: 84
    Current co-op name and code: Not currently in a co-op
    Co-op requirements: (Do you want to be able to reserve? Do you want to be in a smaller co-op? Etc).It would be good to be allowed to reserve tasks as this makes planning easier. Anyone posting on here wanting to form a new co-op let me know.

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: (PM on the forum, send friend request in-game, etc). Please send a PM on the forum or a friend request.
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    Platform: Mac
    Co-op goals: active co op that helps each other and does regattas

    Town name: major
    Friend code: 5HT3MN
    Town level: 50
    Language: English
    Current co-op name and code: I have my own with one member. I would just leave it.

    Co-op requirements: active co op that helps each other and does regattas

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: PM on the forum / send friend request in-game / invite me to your co-op

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    Looking for a hopping co-op that will allow someone without fb messenger.
    Platform: Windows PC
    Town Name: Light of the World~Emily
    Friend Code: 62MSCC
    Town Level: 29 and rapidly rising
    Language: English
    Current Co-op: Stronger Together

    I want to hop in the IS, to get the rewards, but I don't have/don't want social media. If you want to talk about this, either PM me or check out the thread I created re this on the regatta category. Thank you!
    On PC and Mobile!

    PC: Light of the World (lvl 30+)
    FC: 62MSCC
    Co-op: Stronger Together

    Mobile: The City on a Hill (lvl 70+)
    Co-op: Living Waters

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    Looking for an active co-op that is friendly and helps out. I am active myself and I mostly enjoy regattas and competitions in the game. Prefer to have 1000+ regattas.

    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: 1000+ regattas (active co-ops)

    Town name: SuperGandalf Town
    Friend code: DPRMLJ
    Town level: 49
    Language: English (play from Europe)
    Current co-op name and code: lulufarme (#UXHJER)

    Co-op requirements: Not too small co-ops. Not too harsh requirements (still have to do my dayjob with random logins during the day).

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: PM on the forum.
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