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Thread: Player ads

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    Seems my phone doesn't like the forums much.. Trying this again.

    I am almost 30, no kids, have played many war apps and would like something a little less demanding. This app is enjoyable. I play a minimum of 4 times a day, usually pop on more. I'm proud to say that I am 4th on my list with the easter challenge, and the levels above me are all higher, as of a few minutes ago (I had only checked a few times.) I enioy halloween, reading, learning guitar and other languages, and a variety of other topics. If anyone likes psychology and sociology, I am an INFJ (definitely not mistyped).

    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: I'm new to this ap, so I'm down for about any goals.
    Town name: Creepy Keep (named after my beloved haunt setup)
    Friend code: 2HHLDQ
    Town level: 23
    Language: English
    Current co-op name and code: none

    Co-op requirements: Size and lowest level don't matter as long as the guild/clan is active and everyone helps equally/no freeloaders. I am not a fan of hopping, and plan to stick where I am unless things go south.

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: Any

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    New co-op please

    Platform: iOS
    Co-op goals: Friendly, chatty, regatta active (but not obsessed). Preferably living in a time zone compatible with Australia.

    Town name: louville
    Friend code: FXM8S8
    Town level: 46
    Language: EN
    Current co-op name and code: exo

    Co-op requirements: (Do you want to be able to reserve? Do you want to be in a smaller co-op? Etc). Reserve please

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: PM on the forum or invite in game.
    Thanks heaps

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    Platform: iOS
    Co-op goals: New player and new to co-op. I’m currently in a group that just isn’t what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a chatty group that is active and helps. I haven’t played the Regatta yet but looking forward to it.

    Town name: JedyJester
    Friend code: W6VVCJ
    Town level: 26
    Language: English

    Co-op requirements: Chatty, active, needs to have other players around my lvl so I can contribute, and wants to win

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: PM on the forum and/or send friend request in-game

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    Lvl 22, Looking for active co op

    Hi I am currently at level 22 and only been playing for about 3-4 days. I am looking for an active co op. Please add me under my user name karatedoris.

    Keen to help and also will participate in regattas.

    Cheers hope to talk and help soon.

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    So i started my own co op after joining several that just were not good fits. Either too dramatic, no personality, not very competitive, no communication, or too diehard. For me anyways. However, i have not really had a place to put out there what im wanting in a co op. If your a fit, let me know. I may also have a friend that will be interested.

    What im wanting:

    Is competitive in Regatta but you are not required to race (I cant race every week but lets dump those low point tasks when we do right?!)

    No reservations on tasks. First come first serve.

    I play in streaks. I play a few weeks in a row then im off or not on as much one or two weeks max.. Work stuff. So having to play daily isnt an option.

    I help A LOT!!!!! I like a lot of other helpers. I mean i was in one co op where people were stepping over each other to help. I liked that.

    I enjoy a somewhat chatty/personable group. Makes the chickens hatch a little faster during a fun conversation. Gives the group personality.

    Not having half the members set as a leader. It isnt needed. Seems like conflicting information just gets passef around.

    No drama. I may have already said that but ive seen more than i care to see. Lol

    Any hits? Private message me.

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    Looking for a racing co-op.

    Hi, I am looking for a co-op that likes to race in the reggata, I'm level 47, it can be in English or Spanish.

    Town name: Dream
    Friend code: HVTFNA
    Help to friends: 255
    Ítems shared: 361
    Planes xp: 3,467
    Achievements: 81
    1st place of my group in the pascua event.
    All tasks achieved in the last 4 weeks of Regatta.
    In my current co-op I was the most productive, hope you can check it on the game
    Co-op: "Todos bienvenidos"

    Please contact me here or in the game.

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    Looking to join a dedicated, fast paced, hard working, chatty, helpful, team.

    This makes my third attempt to post here. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.


    I am looking to join a co-op, with at least 20 members who are above level 50, and who regatta hardcore. I want to find a co-op that does only all 16 tasks, at 135pts, and all members completing all tasks within 2 days, and I am looking to be an equal member. I pay to play, and am done with my tasks quickly. I am looking for a co-op that does the same.

    I will be leaving my co-op in my son's, and my hubby's hands, as the members left in my co-op, have all quit playing, and it is hard to be a single regatta player, even if do I come in first.

    My town name, and my present co-op name: Jojoburg
    Co-op code:#JJK4SG
    Country: United States (Eastern Time Zone)
    Platform: Android
    Current game level: 92
    I can be reached on Facebook messenger as joannematusikflowers

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    Reminder: this thread is for players to advertise themselves as available, not for co-ops to advertise their team (which can be done here).

    Please reply by private message, not here in the thread.
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    As Township Moderators, we maintain the forum according to its rules. We are not Playrix Staff
    - How to contact Township Support
    - Co-op Ads thread, co-ops seeking new members may advertise their team here.
    - Player Ads thread, individuals seeking a co-op may advertise themselves here.

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    Desperately Seeking Co-op

    Platform: ios/android/kindle
    Co-op goals: Gold League, helping

    Town Name: Willow Woods
    Friend Code: FTXPB5
    Town Level: 95
    Language: English

    About Me: Daily player for several years. Recently left my last 2 co-ops due to poor management and lack of player involvement. Looking for other daily players who help a lot (like me) and stick to co-op rules (not letting people get away with minimal helps, multiple weeks of no regatta participation, etc). I can commit to a minimum of 8 tasks, 125 and up preferred. However, I usually complete around 12 tasks. I’m having a real difficult time finding a compatible co-op!

    If I sound like a match, you can pm me here or send an in game friend request.

    Thanks 😊

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    Town name- Giovanni
    Level 59

    Looking for a active and competitive regatta coop, only that does only 133+ tasks and 15+ as well.

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