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    Looking for an active and friendly Co-op

    Looking for active co-op

    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: Looking for a co-op based either in the UK or Europe. The co-op should be active in the regatta and also dump tasks beneath 126 points. Additionally, it would be good if people were more chatty than just asking for help. A cohesive group is what I'm looking for.
    If anyone listing here is interested in forming a new co-op, let me know or send a friend request. Thanks.

    Town name: Lilliput (Elizabeth)
    Friend code: 5FVPBL
    Town level: 84
    Current co-op name and code: Not currently in a co-op
    Co-op requirements: (Do you want to be able to reserve? Do you want to be in a smaller co-op? Etc).It would be good to be allowed to reserve tasks as this makes planning easier. Anyone posting on here wanting to form a new co-op let me know.

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: (PM on the forum, send friend request in-game, etc). Please send a PM on the forum or a friend request.
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    Mar 2020
    Platform: Mac
    Co-op goals: active co op that helps each other and does regattas

    Town name: major
    Friend code: 5HT3MN
    Town level: 50
    Language: English
    Current co-op name and code: I have my own with one member. I would just leave it.

    Co-op requirements: active co op that helps each other and does regattas

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: PM on the forum / send friend request in-game / invite me to your co-op

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    Light of the World~Emily
    Looking for a hopping co-op that will allow someone without fb messenger.
    Platform: Windows PC
    Town Name: Light of the World~Emily
    Friend Code: 62MSCC
    Town Level: 29 and rapidly rising
    Language: English
    Current Co-op: Stronger Together

    I want to hop in the IS, to get the rewards, but I don't have/don't want social media. If you want to talk about this, either PM me or check out the thread I created re this on the regatta category. Thank you!

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    Looking for an active co-op that is friendly and helps out. I am active myself and I mostly enjoy regattas and competitions in the game. Prefer to have 1000+ regattas.

    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: 1000+ regattas (active co-ops)

    Town name: SuperGandalf Town
    Friend code: DPRMLJ
    Town level: 49
    Language: English (play from Europe)
    Current co-op name and code: lulufarme (#UXHJER)

    Co-op requirements: Not too small co-ops. Not too harsh requirements (still have to do my dayjob with random logins during the day).

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: PM on the forum.
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    Jan 2020
    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: Gold+ league. 12+ tasks, 128+ (NO for min. 135pts!!).
    Town name: iMatrixCity
    Friend code: 8EP952
    Town level: 59
    Language: English/Italian (both good)
    Co-op requirements: 20/25+ active players

    Contact me here or in-game ONLY if you met my requirements, otherwise you will lose your (and my) time. Thanks!


    I'm a very active player who's looking for a GOLD league coop that is not extremely competitive, but enough to stay always in Gold League.

    I'm also looking for a coop where the leader is ACTIVE (I connected daily for almost 6 months I believe), and that can take care of inactive players or those who don't reach the requirements. I always try to help others and I hope to find other people that also love to do that.

    I don't mind to socialize a bit during the day eventually.

    Please, don't even try to invite me if you don't meet ALL the requirements I wrote in this post. You will be ignored, so don't.


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    Apr 2020

    Red face On the look out!

    Hello! Looking for an active co-op to join, don't really have any specific requirements, just looking to help/be helped and compete in regattas!

    My platform would be IOS and I'm especially looking forward to competing in regattas after a dry spell of being part of inactive co-ops. Town name is Tango Town (C75DED) and I'm a level 30. Not too bothered about how I'm contacted, just looking forward to hearing from people! Stay safe!

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    Oct 2016
    Looking for a chatty, helpful, and polite (as in TY & YW often) co-op to join. We are IOS, levels 95 to 179, Great Britain, Canada, and USA (so English only), and helpful regatta racers.
    We require co-lead, 15/130 or opt out flexible downward (tired of some of the last few seasons, so no 16/135), and hopper friendly. Mid sized race group preferred. One does not do Facebook.
    Please contact me at janesvilleks@

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    Jun 2019
    I'm not a newbie. Was level 74, but decided to start over again. Just got back up to lvl 19 and I'm looking for a low level co-op where I can be helpful and be helped. Love to chat.
    Looking for English speaking co-op, preferably with North American time zone players, but also have UK connections.
    Windows platform, so can't race in this regatta, but can be very helpful.
    Message me in this forum.
    Doug's Harbour, NS

    PS. Gary, your mailbox is full. lol

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    Looking for a co-op that plays on the Windows platform. I am at level 68 & play daily. #SZZKNS .

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    May 2020
    Platform: Android
    Co-op goals: Very helpful, takes part competitively in regatta (Golden league or at least aspiring to)

    Town name: SunTop Town
    Friend code: TFXTSY
    Town level: 45
    Current co-op name and code: -

    Other players helped: 530
    Goods shared with co-op members: 441

    Co-op requirements: English, Regatta focus, at least 10 helps per member (I help out a lot too)

    How people should contact you to discuss/invite: Contact me in-game or through this site. Preferably in-game.

    I'm active everyday and usually in chat.

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