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    The Sweet Week Event Decor

    Hey, Townshippers!

    The sweetest event is coming! πŸ˜‹ Are you ready for the most delicious decorations ever? πŸ”½

    🍭 Sweet Tooth Street - NEW!
    🍬 Candy Carousel - NEW!
    🚲 Coffee Bike
    πŸ‡ Fruit Bridge
    β˜• Hot Cup Coffee Shop
    🍐 Pear Tiki Bar
    πŸ’¦ Tea Party Fountain
    🍩 Chocolate Mill
    πŸ’• Romantic Dinner

    Show off your ideas of placing them in the comments below!

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    I’m sooooo excited about these new decorations! I love the sweet theme and really wish we could have a regatta race similarly themed! I’m also happy they are bringing back the candy bridge. I just hope we will also get a sale offer with an additional decoration.

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    Why, on why, do we have to have that lady being interviewed in all our decos????

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    Oh no I didn’t even see her maybe it’s just in the picture but she won’t be in the actual decoration

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    I just tried the Sweet Tooth Street, figuring out where to place it when I get it as reward (if I make it that far....), and noticed something: aren’t these kids huge compaired to other deco?? Everywhere I do a try out they look B I G ....
    Is it just the trying out that makes it seem that way or are they really really B I G ? (hope not, I like it, but....)


    Oh no, I just daw it at a neighbours, and indeed, the kids are LARGE.....

    I hope that will be adjusted later on....??


    ..... to find out more recent deco has huge kids (and people), like the open -air planetarium, and the new candy carousel.... I so don’t like the size, they look like Mars-people to me this way....
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    Here's my decs, I won Sweet Tooth Street and bought the Candy Carousel because I really don't enjoy this event. Also I bought the Chocolate Mill which I love
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    Lovely, Downton!

    I do wish they didn't dictate the landscape/paving though, and just used an entirely transparent 'base' with the deco on it instead. The chocolate mill being on grass (outside the 'moat') ruins it for me on any non-grass surface and Sweet Tooth Street would have looked perfect in my winter snow scheme if not for that grey paving. The Carousel doesn't bother me so much because the base's outline is less defined and the texture of it is a mixture of paving and grass, so it would work in more contexts. I like these decos, I just wish they were more flexible.

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    I too plan on putting sweet tooth street in my snowy area in my zoo, the candy carousel I’m not too sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Here's my decs, I won Sweet Tooth Street and bought the Candy Carousel because I really don't enjoy this event. Also I bought the Chocolate Mill which I love
    It looks lovely, Downton!
    Just bought the Carousel too. This event isn't my cup of tea either.

    One day, when Im in the mood for redesigning, ik like to combine the decorations of the sweet week with the factories and CB's that have the same connecting, Sugar Sweet.
    After that it is a matter of course to create a restaurant area on the same way.
    But that are just ideas that needs to grow (leveling up to lvl 92 to get the Italian would help also)

    Well done!

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    Thanks Bess, I completely agree a transparent base would be so much better. They really should blend into the area we put them in. When Sweet week is over I will be looking for a new home for my Chocolate Mill ( as dictated by the grass). I was thinking Sweet tooth street would be good for Xmas so the base of it is unfortunate.

    Thanks Ruud, so glad to see I'm not the only one who abandoned the event,lol. Your ideas sound very interesting, I look forward to seeing them when you are ready to take on all the shuffling around it will doubtless take.

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