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    Question No videos

    I do not receive videos. I
    My game is completely updated. My friends get at least one a day and usually more. I have uninstalled and reinstalled three times and each time I get one video in the next day or two and then no more. If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate them. Could it be something to do with my settings. I have tried all suggestions but nothing seems to work.

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    The videos seem to appear for some players and not others, KGG. I get them very rarely, myself. Some players say buying tcash negatively affects your chances of getting videos and that by refraining for some weeks or months, you may get on the 'video list', but others say cash purchases make no difference in their experience. But you're not alone in feeling a bit short-changed, I do too.

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    Since I joined 60days ago, I received 6 videos that does not provide the $ bonus. I have written to support team requesting a resolution to this “issue”. Reply from Support Team ..... = video is for selected test team...whatever that means.
    Hence I have made several purchases to progress in the game.
    Yes, I agree it’s not fair to players like myself; where their members receive daily or hourly videos. Well, they sure got me to spend real dollars that’s what the game is about...revenue!

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    Try deleting your chopper orders a few times a day, for a week - and see if your videos come back ok? As for getting T-cash ($$)'s random. Sometimes we get T-cash and sometimes we get coins. Alas alas
    Sandy aka truck taz
    Level 188
    Co-op: Merry Musketeers
    At max of in-game friends but pending works well ;-)

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    No ads today

    I've only had one ad today and got a way coins for it. Normally I get several sets of 3, with at least 1 t-cash. What gives today?

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