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Thread: Opt out of contests

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    Opt out of contests

    Since contests have changed now to be non stop, a change I'm not a fan of, and with the changes to ranking requirements to keep your place in the league making it considerably harder to stay in the same spot, it would be a great option to be able to opt out of contests. I dropped from Emerald league down to gold from mid week contests I just dont have time to participate in due to work and childcare. I dont like being forced to participate in the contests since a new one starts the second the old one ends now.

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    I believe you are not forced to participate - when I enter the game, it's often just to get the daily reward and so I click through all pop-up windows with their event announcements, be it dog training, bonsai, fireworks, whatever, by clicking on the closing X top right.
    If you click on OK instead and land in a separate level/environment than your normal gameplay, you can still leave there.
    If you do play your normal levels and it just shows some competition bars, you can ignore it - does that not work for you?
    IOW, you can play no matter in which league you are. Just ignore it

    yes, if Playrix was really innovative, they would create such an opt out-option, but for one, they want to remind you every time you come in, of course. The more opportunities you have to spend money, the better for them.

    And 2nd is the "the others", who do the same: as far as I see in other games of this kind (and I play a few, several that are more fun in general IMO, cos they require more strategy and less luck, just personal opinion/impression), they all - or at least many - have these events and contests and whatever they call it, and I have to click through a 'million' windows until I am finally in the main game or just the daily reward thingy.

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