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Thread: Scoring changes?

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    Scoring changes?

    I noticed that dumped tasks are counted now in the final score. I thought this only mattered if you are in the global league. How much do dumped tasks (dumped while not active) affect the score?

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    In golden league you get a gold league score which gives you your global leaderboard standing. This score does NOT effect your race score for the week. So you don't 'enter' the golden league, per say, but once you have 2 weeks in one season in golden league you are automatically put on the global leaderboard whether you care about your standing or not.

    To find your standing go to your regatta, click on season, scroll down a bit, click on global top and your standing will be at the bottom of the pop-up in blue.

    ETA the actual answer to the question, lol. The equation is, dumped tasks ÷ # of coop members = how much they take off your GLB score.
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