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Thread: Help with Around the world

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    Help with Around the world

    I have a problem with "AROUND THE WORLD" I can not access the USA world
    I have filled all the stars and asks me that
    I still have to fill a star but how?
    I always buy items but there is no star to buy you can help me
    I attach the screenshot
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    You need to go back through ALL your tanks, starting at the very beginning. Click on the points bar at the top of the tank screen and make sure that it says "you have collected all three stars for this aquarium." Don't just look at the bar - click on it. You will find that one or more tanks are short a few points of that third star. You will need to buy a plant or something else to reach the point total. When you find one tank and fix it, keep going. You may very well that there are more.

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