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Thread: High Rise With Garden

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    High Rise With Garden

    Since I am doomed to boredom, might as well air questions and gripes to fill my time.

    I play on iPad Air - in my housing choices, I am only allowed ONE high rise with garden house. Yet, I visit many random players towns - who are at a lower level than me - and they have 3 or 4 of these exact houses. If I could build more, I would and I would be busy decorating around them.

    WHO makes these silly, arbitrary decisions that a person on one game platform can have 4 and someone else on another game platform can only have 1?

    I really want a couple more of this style house and it would give me something to DO, but I am not given the option - yet other players are (and it is NOT a level dependent option either).


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    nana... i have asked this before... response was those were test players... items sometimes change from the beta versio to the actual release... however the the test players progress does not change when they come back to the regular game...

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    Thanks for that info, Ralph.

    Test players? Alrighty then, if they say so. This morning I saw a player at Level 36 (or some such) who had 4 of the very house mentioned above. So irritating.

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    nana... ive seen one that has 6 of one that one only have 1... but i have also seen people who are at higher levels that have less one some than i have... you can usually tell these by the population being maxed out...

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    Hi Nana and Ralph

    I've seen difference like that too with a couple of houses. As for the High-rise with a garden, I only have 1 too.

    Level 67 half-way

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    Hey Nana don't understand why you only have one high rise with garden as I play iOS Air and I have four.

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    Godfer: yes, I've seen yours! Could it be the number available increased when you hit the higher levels - you're Level 71 or greater, aren't you?

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    Not sure I've just played the game it was delivered by the developers not been seduced by iconic buildings around the world. If I had a Harbour Bridge or a Opera House I might of succumbed! to the temptation.

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    Hi all,
    I thought it was due to the version played. I hit level 72 now, but never got the option to build more of that type, but I have several friends with 4 of them.
    The same with the kind of pavement, iOS players have one looking like rounds, not available for me.
    I understood that these games are developed different depending on the platform, but I would have thought that the graphical elements and the contents would be the same...

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    Bini: You don't have the same pavement options as iOS players? That is interesting and a little curious. What on earth could be the rationale for that? Do you perhaps have something in the Android pavement choices that we on iOS don't have?

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