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Thread: Infinite lives - Decide when to activate them

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    Come on developers! Let’s be able to pick up where we left off when we open and close the game

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    I agree!! I purchased one of the sale items. Included 6 hours of continuous play. I ended up only using about 3 hrs. Very disappointing

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    Is anyone here reading from the game developers at all? Nothing has changed at all! 3 hours at a time without a break! That's not good and should be changed urgently! Time should stop if you log out, that's a good idea!

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    I am very grateful that we have the opportunity to win free play time however, I think there should be the choice to save your free time to use at a later date. I currently have 5 hrs of free play and lets be honest there is no way I can sit for 5 more hrs and okay the game so that I do not lose that time. Please take into consideration how this is just not feasible. I’ve already been playing the game for well over an hour and still have 5 hrs left. If I continue to play I might earn more free time on top of the 5 that I already have and I will lose it all because I cannot sit for that amount of time and play this game. Please give your players the option to save their free play for later dates so that we do not earn them and lose them all at the same time.
    Thank you for listening and hopefully making the adjustments to this fun game.

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    Completamente de acuerdo, siempre me toca perder las vidas infinitas porque no las puedo activar cuando tengo tiempo 😔

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    Booster de temps

    Ne pourrais t'on pas les utiliser quand bon nous sembles ces booster au lieu qu'il soit imposés ?
    Car souvent nous les gagnons au moment où on souhaite se déconnecter ou aller dormir....

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    Полностью согласна!! Сделайте возможность игрокам самим активировать безлимит жизней!!

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    I agree. At least allow us to decide when to use it, so at least we can prepare for sitting for X number of hours of play your game.

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    Я полностью согласна со всеми. По поводу зря потраченных бесплатных жизней, особенно когда проходишь сложный уровень. Времени играть нет, но есть позже. Уважаемые разработчики пожалуйста придумайте что-нибудь по этому поводу. Заранее спасибо. Игра супер.

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