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Thread: Infinite lives - Decide when to activate them

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    Unhappy Won or purchased time

    Losing paid for time
    When I've bought or won free time and I have to leave the game, my time keeps going and it is lost to me. It should pause when I leave the game especially when I have paid for it.

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    It's a really fun game, and you can get very obsessive over it, however there should be a toggle or something like that for the reward of the infinite lives!

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    Ich bin auch etwas frustriert dass ich mein Unendliches Leben nicht genießen kann wenn ich lange arbeite - habe es schwer erkauft und muss es verstreichen lassen

    Sehr schade

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    Gift of life

    Hello, dear developers. I really like to play homescapes, thanks for the awesome game. The game sometimes give endless life for 1-2-3 hours. I would suggest to make it so that you can choose when to use them. It just happens that you sit at work or go to bed and suddenly give life for 2 hours ..... and it turns out that the gift is not used because it starts working automatically and immediately. A big request to consider my proposal. Thank you so much, dimanbrat.

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    Free Play

    It would be nice when you receive the bonus for free play (30 minutes, 1hour) that you could chose to use at a later time. Have a set limit so individuals can't collect 10 hours. I always seem to get free time when I can't use it so it's wasted.

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    I second this, unlimited lives is great but when you don’t have unlimited time to play then it becomes worthless, lives timer should countdown (in my opinion) when the game is active in the foreground.

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    I agree, infinite lives should be at our discretion when to use it and we should even be able to stock pile the infinite lives bonuses and use it how we want, all or a portion at a time.

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    Just registered to post in this thread. I started a few days ago and this inability to claim infinite lives and use them at your discretion is one of my major issues with this game. I read through this thread and can't believe that since Feb 2018 people have complained about this and the devs haven't done anything about it yet. Makes me wonder if this will be addressed at all...I do hope so!
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    I am quite often finding myself addicted to this game and playing when I have a short amount of time, ie: lunch or coffee break or while waiting to pick kids up from sports etc. It is incredibly frustrating to know that I was awarded infinite lives for an hour and I only have 10 minutes to play. Please fix this. Even with say an expiry of 24 hours to use the infinite life award or something.

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    Idea: ways to save the power ups for later

    This game is seriously addictive and really fun! but sometimes it’s too addictive that you just couldn’t stop especially when you’ve just received the infinite power ups. I feel like it would be awesome if we could save our infinity heart for later so that if we can’t play it right after we got it, we can save it when we’re free and got a lot of time in out hands to play for 3 hours or more. Playing game is good but too much playing game is not really good. In hoping of enjoying a long free time playing the game without worrying not spending the heart, is why i came up with this idea.

    overall i love this game and the staffs who made the game possible, you guys rock!!

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