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Thread: Infinite lives - Decide when to activate them

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    I just want to add my voice to this thread. Everyone pretty much expressed what I’m thinking as well. i find this ’reward’ frustrating and often turn off the game as soon as I get it. it would be better to have a choice of when and if we want to use this reward as is the case with any other rewards. There could even be a time limitation ir an expiry to this particular reward, but please please please don’t force it on us.

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    Totally agree with above, could still have 50min of first hour infinite lives and then get 2hrs if playing medal game. Should be able to save them

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    I agree with this thread. There needs to be a way of banking infinite lives. I've just earnt 3 hours but cant use them now because I was playing in my lunch break. So they are wasted and there was no point in me working towards getting them. Please change this I don't want to get the fired from my job because I'm being forced to play in secret. Like others this is the only reason I resisted on the forum. Do you really expect people to sit on the arse for 3 hours to play your game!

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    I agree with everyone. We work hard to receive these bonuses, which are rare and then we’re not able to us them because of time restraints in our real lives.
    Please consider letting us choose when we can use the reward of infinite time.

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    Would the developers please answer these request???

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