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Thread: Better prices for competitors on higher levels

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    Lightbulb Better prices for competitors on higher levels

    For players on lower levels is much easier to finish levels and than get point, collect planes or whatever is in the competision than for someone on a high livel. I am on level 980 and every level is very hard and its hard do finish them. But for a player on i dont know level 20 is much easier to finish the level and collect what they need. Thats why i think you should give players on higher levels better point or prices.

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    I agree. Or make levels worth more stars. It takes way too long to get enough stars to complete minor tasks.

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    Wait till the 11 and 1200 level there are some it’s impossible to pass without power ups. 1205 I’ve been on 1205 for about 2 weeks and spent all my gold. I may quit soon because it’s too hard.

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    I'm starting to feel like quitting also, I am on 1149 and its rediculious, I'm not giving them another dime. I may just delete the game since they have made it so hard to beat without giving them money.

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