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Thread: Game mechanic does not work | level 1349 | acorns

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    Game mechanic does not work | level 1349 | acorns

    I just tried to play the 1349th level in Gardenscapes
    and noticed that the acorns didnˋt work as they should.
    When I got three of a kind next to them they didnˋt disappear,
    I only was able to blow them up.
    That’s not longer a problem for me, cause I finished it yet,
    but maybe anyone other struggles with this problem too.
    So, if you’re playing this levle now, be sure to notice this.
    So, please tell me if you had this problem too,
    in the same or in an other level.
    I hope I was the only one.

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    I’m having the exact same issue with the acorns on level 1349. Hope they fix it soon


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