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Thread: Rules for your Co-Op?

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    Post Rules for your Co-Op?

    So my Co-Op is growing and finally getting people that are here to play the game, however, we need to get rules in place and typing them out to each player in the message box...well there’s not enough space. Not to mention, time consuming!

    How do you get your rules to your team? via FB Group, Another platform?
    Is security an issue for you?
    What are some of the rules you have in place?
    who do you allow to delete tasks?
    How long they can make reservations? And who?
    Do you have a min requirement they should try for without sounding like an asshat?

    I’d like to have a moderately competitive team, but not everyone that has joined is as active. Those that don’t help or complete a task during a regatta does get booted, as our intro states.

    Really would love a way to discuss with co-leaders or elders in private instead of a mass message to the entire group.

    Thanks for your input!!

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    Hi Shawna,

    It seems like the most common platform is Facebook groups and that's what my co-op currently uses for outside, and effective communication.
    Security issues? I would say "No" but not exactly sure what you mean.

    Rules will result from the minimum amount of effort everyone is willing to put in while playing. Most importantly, there should be an enforcement strategy in case any of the rules are broken. By joining a co-op, your performance and efforts will affect someone else and that is a vital concept to understand for all members .

    I think things like respect, courtesy and sportmanship must be a given.

    Since you are taking about moderately competitive group, an example can be as follows:

    (Assuming you reach golden league)

    15 tasks required, task points 125-135
    No reservations on easy/fast tasks HOL/mining
    25 Helps required

    Reservations can be a tricky matter. It can be a nightmare (especially in larger groups) and can easily result in conflict. I would suggest to do a search on previous threads to get different takes on regarding this matter.

    Our co-op does no reservations.

    Only elders can dump task. I would promote as many members to elders when they understand your vision for the co-op and are able to deliver on performance.

    Check out this website from Aphrodite's Piers (Not my co-op) that has valuable information on everything and provide some additional insight in how to run your group.

    It is important to know that at the beginning it will take some time to figure out what works and what doesn't. And what works for some people may not work for you.

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you!

    I started with a google doc that I was able to share with everyone so they could all see and agree to the rules, just a few basics to start. But could really use a better way to get feedback etc. from our team. So far everyone is happy with it, time will tell.

    What I meant by security issues, is that some people are Leary of becoming friends with strangers on FB for various reasons, you never know.

    I will check out the link you shared too!

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