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    Are you kidding me? I am on level 3097 and cannot get past this level. I have used booster after booster with no success. This may be my last level to play. The game has become more and more frustrating and there is no way to win a level through strategy. It used to be that you could win by strategy but not anymore. Sometimes you just get lucky. So once I have used up all of my boosters on this level I will be done. Good luck to those who remain in the game.

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    I hear you. I am doing the key levels and can’t even finish the THIRD one in order to receive a measly award. It is amazingly a HARD (red) level. Really? I will never get all the Halloween decorations because I’m at max levels. So frustrating. I’m close to deleting after 3235 levels (IOS device). I never use boosters for the key levels, but I actually just did and still did not pass. I think I’m done also.

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