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Thread: Send materials that player is short on

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    Send materials that player is short on

    I have 350 items in my barn. I have NO saws. And very few axes.

    I'm admittedly a player that put cash in the game because I enjoy it and want to have some leeway. But my interest is in expansion. And I'm tired of buying materials for that. I don't use the airport. I don't do regattas. My interest is designing a township -- land, farm, housing, community buildings. But...though I have 3 trains, I can usually only get 6-9 trains in a day because they take 4-5 hours to return. And they don't have what I need for expansion.

    Not interested in leveling up except for new community buildings, but until I have more parcels, I'm not even going to do that.

    If the arrival of materials is really random, then please change it so that a chance to get tools that are low is a better bet.

    It really is getting so I'm not enjoying the game anymore. Can you make it better for someone who plays in a somewhat limited way?

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    Planes give a gem and often 2 materials Everytime they leave full. --- you are missing out.

    Build special building foundary & academy of industry, then you can upgrade trains to be faster.
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    Thanks, I've upgraded train to level 11 (have academy of industry), and it's still 3+ hours, but good advice. I have lots of gems, but I'm not doing zoo. Wish I could exchange the gems for something useful. I built the foundry and use metals for special buildings and ship.

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    You are also missing out in prizes and help if you are not participating in regattas and/or belong to a co-op.

    The gems can used to purchase boosters. I think is a good idea to save the gems for the Zoo. You will be able to get the animals as soon as possible.

    The tool delivery system aka the trains is not random at all. You have experienced every player’s frustration: the waiting times and/or not recieving the desired item.

    I also think that the game tries to create a balance so one part of the game is not so overdeveloped. I think rushing to do just expansions is misguided.

    In this game you will need patience for thing that will eventually arrive or real money to avoid waiting.

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    Well, that's a good thought. I now have 364 items in the barn and ONE saw. I'm nearing having 50 glass, 40 concrete and over 50 bricks. I have been selling those as the trains come in because the barn is almost full. Started focusing on mining so I could get cool buildings with metal bars, but that's a long slow process too. Never quite enough to make those last few bars. Guess I'll just back off. Thanks for the input.

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    The most common word you will hear people use for Township is 'patience'. I know when you're on low to medium levels especially, this sounds infuriating! However it's true. Try to shift your focus onto more than one thing as you will only be left frustrated.

    I agree with what Jdelacr wrote about the game likely trying to keep a balance. Fe: I started my zoo when I still had loads to do in the town, as you can imagine I got quite behind with CBs, factories, everything! In the end it all evened out and I found the zoo a welcome change and came back to work on my town feeling refreshed.

    Rather than backing off, just enjoy it and give yourself credit for what you've achieved so far.

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    I'm also tired of not getting what I need and having to buy everything...I use the planes and trains, but the regatta makes NO sense to me! Guess I missed it or something. I joined a co-op but have no idea what to do...I just opened my mine today (by buying what I needed because I was sick of waiting-just like I've had to do with the 4 buildings before that)..I can't seem to get windows and walls to come in on the trains no matter what I do..I have 0 of both... I have 4 shovels and 1 hammer..I can't even put houses down because I can't get the buildings open (and I can't ever do expansions because I can't get the houses put down)...I love the game...I play every day, throughout the day.. But I too am considering giving it up.. Tired of putting out real money to get what I need.. But on that note, why is not even an option to BUY the materials we need?!

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    Saw sadness

    [QUOTE=karfol;1305918]I have 350 items in my barn. I have NO saws. And very few axes.

    I play in the same way you do. And I was always short one saw when it was expansion time.

    So sometimes after waiting a week or more for it, I'd spend the 12 t cash to buy the last saw. I read somewhere in the forum some advice on selling the spades and supposedly the saws would arrive. This was not the right advice or I read it wrong.

    Now, every single train has a spade. No saws. None. 6 weeks of no saws. I keep selling the extra spades because it gets absurd. 60.spades? All I want to do is open 1 expansion. I've played daily happily for almost a year.
    Slowly and paiently. But it never got this unbalanced before. Now I am miserable. I finally sold All 3 expansion tools to zero but the trains of spades just keep coming. Does anyone know how to rebalance? There is a way to do that.

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    Raffila don't forget the trains aren't the only place you can get saws. If you have the zoo selling in the shops can produce the odd saw, also help your friends to get clovers as playing HOL you can win saws. Another good source is sending full plane orders.You might get the odd one out of the mine, and lastly if you are in a co-op, playing the regatta could win you some saws.

    There isn't anything you can do to change what your trains give you, but doing the above gives you more places to get them from increasing your chances of getting what you need.

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    Good advice. I'm also stuck Unable to expand because all I need are shovels.

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