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Thread: Flash Player error message in Gameroom

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    Flash Player error message in Gameroom

    I played for hours yesterday with no issue.

    After the update today I get the error message "No Flash Player found. 19 version required.

    I have downloaded it -even though I already had it- and still cannot play in Gameroom.

    Playing on FB is too slow and everything lags.

    I want my Gameroom back :-(

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)

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    The exact same thing is happening to me today too.

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    I sent a message to support. Hopefully they get back to me soon. Once they do I will update this thread.

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    I uninstalled Gameroom and re-installed.

    That seemed to fix the issue :-)

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    Same with me .. uninstalled Gameroom, reinstalled it but now its telling me 'we are unable to verify ... " and it closes :'(

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    Same over here i can not play it anymore/flash player error!

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    The intention is to stop using flash by 2020. I wonder if this has anything to do with that. Both my flash games have been down all day. The other game is back up. They said facebook is having interface issues. Haven't heard a peep from gardenscapes though unless I missed it.

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