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Thread: Faithful Player Level 1500

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    Faithful Player Level 1500

    I have been a daily player for over a year now ( playing multiple x’s throughout the day...)
    BUT I am ready to quit, I can’t earn barely any fun Halloween Decor because practically every other level is hard or super- hard...I can spend 4 days or more on 1 level...wayyy to hard now, what’s the deal?

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    Same feeling....the game needs to find a balance between challenging and the frustration of playing same game for days to win or spend way too many boosters just to get out of level because you are sick of it.

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    As long as people are spending money, there's no need for playrix to change their attitude, is there?

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    You both are so right,’s just wrong, there has to be a happy medium ( or so I wish)

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    You r correct and I am seriously thinking of not buying anything else. I think like some others it is time to see what else is out there as much as I really like the premise of this game. I will still play but maybe not as constant.

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    Hey, not sure of ur still here but if u are I have a question about level 1414 that's if you can still remember it

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