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    I am beyond tired of trying to beat levels. This game started out fun. Now, each level takes 10-20 attempts, which, with my limited time to play, can take 2-3 days. Finally beat 2-3 to be able to “Read the next page in the journal”. Just not fun anymore. Adios!

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    I am sorry to see Jomet4 leave the game but I thoroughly understand. I have responded to other complaints. I too am finding it more and more difficult to win without using my boosters and even then you're not guaranteed a win. It used to be a game of skill but now you win just by blind luck. I beat the first level in the dog training and I am now on the second level. I can't even win the first game in that level. I just played five games and didn't win one of them and I didn't even get close. Then I went on to play my next level in the regular game and again I played all five levels and again I didn't get even close. I am going to have to use my boosters in order to win. The game was a lot of fun in the beginning because I could try and figure out how to solve the puzzles. But now it appears to be impossible. They have taken all the fun out of the game. I used to play for hours but not anymore. When I get infinite amount of time I don't play those because you just can't win even if you have two or six hours. I'm not even going to try again to beat the second level in the dog training. It's a waste of my time.

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    Yeah, man. I used to play this game every day and now I go several days in between plays. It has become so frustrating. I used to be in the Ruby League and have fallen all the way to Gold. I'm level 3150 and it's just quite clear that the game is blocking my progress. You win a level and get a free boost for the next level... but the boost actually HINDERS you from progressing at it usually blocks a specific kind of start that's needed to progress. Or, you have a level that has very limited start space so using boosters is a waste because you have to use them before they are really needed.

    The fun has been sucked out of this game but I guess that's just how it goes. I'll have to find another game to enjoy.

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    I agree with kamel_leon. I have been playing for over a year and it is getting more and more frustrating. I too have fallen way down in the leagues. And I have also found that the free boost sometimes hinder the play. I end up wasting a turn just to get rid of it. Last year I was able go get all of the Halloween decorations but that will not be the case this year. I might be able to get two or three on them--bummer.

    kamel_leon, let us know if you find a new game to play. I am on the lookout for one too.

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    I agree. I’ve fallen two levels down in the leagues after being in the ruby league for many weeks. The boosters do indeed hinder play at time and they are wasted because I need to be rid of them, too. I wish we could use them DURING the game and not just in the beginning.

    I understand that games need to be challenging, but these last six months have been excruciatingly difficult.

    I used to have 50 shovels, but am down to 8.

    I used to have 60 thousand coins, but am under 30,000,
    And forget about boosters.

    I should put myself out of my misery and move on.

    I can ONLY pass the first phase of the dog training, too, these days.

    ALSO: I SO wish we could opt out of the never-ending tournaments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Libertybelle View Post

    ALSO: I SO wish we could opt out of the never-ending tournaments.
    I have to say, I kinda like the new apple harvest.

    Unfortunately, I've, again, reached maximum levels (which is 3201 for me)

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