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Thread: big problem with MAC High Sierra system

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    big problem with MAC High Sierra system

    ppl who has High Sierra system not able to join any co-op or make their owe co-op, please fix this big problem. Thanks
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    This is not just a High Sierra issue. I am having the exact same issue using OS Mojave. I am in contact with customer support, as we have been messaging each other for almost a week about this issue. The only decent response I have gotten was and I quote
    "Hi there,
    Thanks for letting us know about that issue! I passed the information on to the dev team, so they'll do their best to identify and fix the problem ASAP.
    We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience."

    I then waited 12 hours or so and sent another message asking how long this might take. I was then asked about my internet speeds and about storage on my MacBook. I gave them that information and have yet to hear back. It is not my internet as I have Verizon Fiber Optic, one of the best/fastest in the United States. It is not my MacBook because everything else in the game runs perfectly. It is just this one issue where a person CAN NOT create a new co-op. Could this have anything to do with the fact that Apple got rid of the game center?

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    Yes, I just realized that ppl who has Mojave are in the same situation. One of my member just got brand new MacBook Air with Mojave system. She can’t rejoin our co-op any or make her owe co-op. Lots players are having this problem. The new update doesn’t help to fix this big issue. Playrix needs to fix it ASAP. It not fair for the player who spend lots $$ buy tcash want to race .. and now they can’t even join any co-op and race ..
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    And this is not limited to High Sierra and Mojave, some people with Sierra and El Capitan have the same problem too.

    Are we, poor Mac players, going to be forced either to play outside a coop (then without regatta) or to never leave the coop we are in right now????

    Please, please, please, do something!!!!
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    One of my coop has exactly the same problem and they are unable to rejoin our coop after taking a short break.

    It seems quite unacceptable that they will have to wait to the next iMac update (December?) before this situation can be resolved.

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    Has everyone reported this to Support? It's always a good idea to do that individually, rather than just waiting for word to filter through to the Devs from elsewhere.
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    yes, they did report this issue to support..

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    We just got a update for MAC , but it didn’t fix the problem, lots ppl still can’t join co-op or creat their owe co-op

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    People Asking to Join Co-op Aren't Accepted

    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Has everyone reported this to Support? It's always a good idea to do that individually, rather than just waiting for word to filter through to the Devs from elsewhere.
    Reported the issue to Playrix on Dec. 11, 2018.
    This is an issue with our co-op not being able to accept new members. It has nothing to do with my account, which btw, I do NOT cheat nor do I have any game hacking tools installed. I asked for clarification on the inconsistencies found but did not get a reply.

    Does Playrix want the Apple community to just go away?

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