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Thread: Level 39... out of barn space... do I really need all these building parts?!

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    Level 39... out of barn space... do I really need all these building parts?!

    Hopefully you can see this:


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    Managing barn space is a challenge at any level. One thing you can do, is plan ahead: which is the next Community Building that you want to build? At level 40, the zoo will become available, do you plan to open it immediately? Zoo buildings will need some of the building materials as well.

    Depending on your gaming style, take a look at the list of how many building materials you need for all CBs (here), and keep only what you need for the next building.

    Edit: HERE is the list of the zoo buildings, in case you'll need it soon.
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    Oh my, you do have a lot of supplies! Are you trying to build more than one community building at a time? When I had 5 CB's waiting for supplies in my early playing days, the trains did not bring 'balanced' supplies and my barn maxed out very quickly. This week I didn't start another CB and my barn is almost upgraded again.

    The 'best tips for new players' post is a 'must read' and it changed my game completely. Very helpful if you're not sure what to do.

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    The best tips are HERE

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