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really? oh it's just a tiny bit over a month away... who would call that early!

LOL - and you're not done yet, I think? I see a lot of brightly shining trees (so to speak *g*) instead of the proper ones w/o leaves, but with spiders! what happened?! trees where you only got... <gasp> one?!?
or indeed two (of course, eh, master of symmetry *g*), but still...
Lol DD, you know me to well! I am of course hoping to rectify my tree shortage

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That looks great, Downton. You have a great eye for mixing 'everyday' trees in with special event decor. This will be my first Halloween event so I hope more forum members post additional screen shots for added inspiration. Barb
Thanks Barb. I rarely have any decoration area that doesn't include copious amounts of trees .

I think you will love the Halloween Season and I can't wait to see what you come up with!