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Thread: Township Platform Transfer

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    Township Platform Transfer

    I've been playing Township on my phone for over a year and only recently discovered i can directly download the app to my computer, huzzah! Here I am, days later not any closer to transferring the information.

    According to the FAQ, one must download the latest version and complete the tutorial...then synchronize to the same social media network as the more progressed game. When that happens, a download window pops up to synchronize... but through all my research on discussion forums and FAQ's, my question remains unanswered...


    Impatiently yours,

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    Dear Impatiently Mine, lol, Level 5

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    ...and your phone and computer must use compatible operating systems, check them here:

    and good luck

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    they are compatible. Mine is level 21 so ill keep trucking til there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emorilia View Post
    they are compatible. Mine is level 21 so ill keep trucking til there...
    Hi Emorilla, as your pc version is not syncing with your Windows mobile version, have you ensured that you have closed down the app on your phone? You need to ensure that it is not still running in the background.

    The tutorial finishes at approx level 5, which is when Ernie, leaves you to run your town alone.

    I assume that your township on the pc is using the same account as your phone.

    Try disconnecting fb from your Town on your pc, close it down and ensure that it's not running in background. Open the game on your phone, make some changes, then close it down ensuring that it is not running in background. Open the game again on your pc, connect to fb, you should then get a popup message asking you to choose between 2 towns. If you still don't get the option of syncing on your pc, then contact support directly from the game from both devices, this way they should be able to sync both towns.

    Good luck!
    Forever living in hope lol

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    A word of warning. PC users are the unloved red headed step-child. We are constantly rebuilding our zoos when they mysteriously disappear, although at times the company will bring it back. We don't get near as many events nor decorations. We're an upgrade (or two?) behind, so we're not as current. The biggest advantage that we have is the large screen so we can actually see our town

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