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Thread: New Request Function & Decoration Mode/Storage

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    New Request Function & Decoration Mode/Storage

    1. New Function: Instant good request / Purchase goods from the Dealer from anywhere...
    A few possible options to request goods:
    - Option 1: Holding down an item for X seconds could allow a popup option to request that good.
    - Option 2: Adding a grocery bag icon to drag goods into to request them.
    - Option 3: Adding a magnifying glass icon beside each good to request them.
    - Option 4: Add a magnifying glass icon to press to request the available goods in the specific factory, zoo order board, etc.

    The popup could be a cloud or something of that nature...
    - On the left area it the button to request that good in the co-op.
    - If the co-op request option isn't available yet then it could show the time remaining.
    - On the right area another button to search for that good using the dealer.
    - If the dealer isn't hired the option to hire him could be there as well including the snooze timer until he's available again.

    Result: Easier to search for goods allowing immediate searches from the zoo board, factories, zoo buildings, etc.

    2. New Decoration Storage
    Remove the 'Storage' from the Store Decoration Tab and make it it's own separate button at the bottom right beside the Yellow Hat.

    How it functions:
    - Use a similar interface that functions like the store to view all items in storage.
    - Like the store, the Decoration Storage could have all the same tabs or even more options than the store.

    Result: Easier to find, sort, and place decorations from the storage.

    3. New Decoration Mode / Updated Town Edit Mode
    - The new tabs and ability to remove all of X items is very handy, but Edit Mode still feels like it's missing something.

    Some suggestions:
    - a) Move the decorations from the left side and add a new decoration bar on the right side specifically for placing decorations.
    - The new decoration bar could use tabs with similar function to the store to sort and place items from different tabs.
    - There could be a button/option to show/hide the decoration bar.
    - b) A button to switch to Decoration Mode within Edit Mode.
    - This could swap the entire function of the left editing bar to a dedicated decoration bar.
    - Same functions as mention above in (a).

    Result: Further improve the function and flow of redesigning towns.

    3a. Custom Mode(s) / Custom Decoration Tab(s)
    - Originally I thought the star at the bottom of the Edit Mode tabs was to place favorite items, but quickly found out it was for Special Buildings after tapping a few decorations looking for a favorite button to add it to that tab.

    - This could be another separate function/mode/tab.
    - If the option becomes available to favorite decorations this could be a way to further sort with different themes, sizes, types etc.

    - The tabs could feature a customizable icon for certain themed or types of decorations.
    - A new tab at the top to edit the current tab icons. (refresh icon)
    - Tap it, then tap the tab icon to change, then tap the new icon from the popup window with icon choices.
    - or simply tabs with numbers.

    - The blue button at the top could have the same function to move all the placed decorations of the current tab into storage.
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