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Thread: Relay needs a log of who has finished

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    Relay needs a log of who has finished

    Personally, I like this new task. It encourages team coordination and cooperation. The team that does the most relays with the most members on each relay will make the most points. We were all asking for a change to regattas and I see this as a welcome addition.
    I do wish that the picture of the person doing the task showed below the board with the other taskers.
    Also, a way to see who has completed the relay task would be appreciated. Maybe this will be added like the statistics were added to the interseasonal.

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    Relay needs a log of who has finished

    Improve relay task by adding a log/mini chat to it.

    When a player finishes task an automatic entry should say "PLAYER_NAME done TIME_LEFT"

    ( If you make it a mini chat: let users post a message.... you could limit it to one but let them edit/delete it.)

    It would be nice to say when you will be done/ if you want it /how long until you want it.)

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    Agree, some sort of log / view that shows who's taken / completed the task. A single log or one per relay task (in case you have 2 or more active at the same time). Right now, it's hard to know when it's time to dump the task. Co-ops with multiple time zones would have too long a delay is all we had was the chat window.


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    Excellent suggestion, that would be a major improvement. The current chat is not exactly suitable for coordination of the relay tasks.

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    Just muttered about how hard it is to keep track, in my coop a minute ago. Would definitely be very helpful to have that displayed somehow.

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    Good idea, just bought this up in the other relay topic, I would love this.

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    At this time, the only way to track which racers have completed their leg of a relay, is to add to name. It sucks but it does work. Ex., Hank~noodles

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    Our team would like to be able to see the progress of the relay task like we can with interseasonal ones. Helps to judge when it may be available.

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    We placed the starting letter of the relay task completed behind our towns name

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuDragon View Post
    We placed the starting letter of the relay task completed behind our towns name
    Yes, we tried one of those suggestions this week. So far it's worked out pretty well. Time zone differences means a lot of folks finish their relay task while I'm still asleep so we've agreed on a convention for tracking.

    Add a letter for the task (P -> Planes, T-> Trains, M-> Mining, etc...) + a Y, N, or D saying that they plan on doing it or not and if they are done. Makes it pretty easy to decide on when we've gotten as much as we can from any given relay task.

    PS: don't ask what happens when there are two of the same type, hasn't happened yet

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