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Thread: I beat all the levels and now I'm being punished?

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    I beat all the levels and now I'm being punished?

    So I beat all the current levels and now you folks are giving me treasure chest levels where I don't earn any money. Fine. I can be patient while you make new levels. But now there are limited time Halloween items and I can't earn tokens to get them! Not cool. Either let me replay levels, or let me earn pumpkin tokens on the treasure levels, but I feel it's not fair to limit my pumpkin earning ability!

    Mahalo from Maui.

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    Aloha Mabel! I've been playing the treasure chest levels and each time I complete one some pumpkins drop into my aquarium and it counts as a level to access the Halloween decorations. At the 3, 8, and 15 levels in the chest I get coins, pumpkins and maybe a booster. I think you should be getting the same if not report it while in the game.

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