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Thread: Add rare items to House of Luck

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    Add rare items to House of Luck

    I would like to see special items/decorations added to house of luck. These items should not always show up, making them extra special when someone wins one. Special items would be current season items or higher priced town decorations. I think this would also increase the number of helps people have, because who wouldn’t want to win something cool (instead of bricks lol).

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    I like your idea but honestly, some ppl really need more bricks, especially after the game changed to this whole extra tool converter thing. Ugh!!
    Also, as a Co op leader for years, I’ve come to learn that each person’s goal for their Township is so different. Some ppl like decorating while some like advancing. So the items they want to get vary very much. So I agree with your post.
    But MY BEEF is, we get so much LESS from hol and other things too, than we used to. With every update we are required to give more, do more, pay more, while getting less from hol, mine chests, balloons, etc. I’m sure there’s prob a thread for this but I’m also sure the developers are quite happy with their upgrades as it does somewhat solve game problems each time but they are always learning how to make more money from us too, and that I think will ultimately be the downfall if they aren’t careful. Especially if a new game were to come out. There would be mass exodus like there was from Hayday to Township. You’ve gotta keep ppl happy but once they feel taken advantage of... not good. Let’s hope for better stuff from hol and all of the places the game “gives” something.

    Happy Townshipping

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    Cheri, although you mentioned it, I think you are missing Playrix's main goal. It's not to keep us happy but to make money.

    (Sorry, I can't get the quote feature to work just now.)

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