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Thread: No more watching videos for diamonds?

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    No more watching videos for diamonds?

    Since I started buying diamonds I hardly ever get videos to watch to get more. When I do get a video they give me coins instead. I have already spent too much money on the game. I will have to delete the game and stop playing if I keep getting tempted to buy diamonds so much. I really can not afford it.

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    Each time I buy diamonds, the ads disappear, so I have pretty much refused to buy diamonds anymore. The last time, I kept track, and it was over 2 months before I started getting ads. At first it was only a couple a day and just coins, and after about another month, I finally started getting the 3 ads with at least one or two diamonds for watching one.

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    i agree with the above posts. I will not be buying diamonds again after having the videos disappear and not having another way of gaining diamonds.

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    My ads disappeared for about 2 months. Fishdom told me that not everyone is given the privilege to watch ads to accumulate diamonds. The computer decides who gets them and who doesn't. I refuse to buy diamonds, so maybe this was Fishdom's attempt to get me purchase them. It was very difficult to win games during that time without the diamonds. Fishdom keeps making me great offers to purchase diamonds, but I don't want to get caught in that trap. I can't count how many times buying diamonds would have helped me win a game, only needing 1 more move. Personally I think the games are designed that way to get you to purchase diamonds. You've played a game over and over again and only have one move to win. You have the bombs in place, but you don't have another move. Do you buy diamonds or forfeit the game? I usually forfeit the fame. I think Fishdom is getting greedy trying to force us to buy diamonds.

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