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Thread: Bonuses for completing an aquarium with all 3 stars?

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    Bonuses for completing an aquarium with all 3 stars?

    Aren't you suppose to receive several bonuses for completing an aquarium with all 3 stars? I just completed the India tank and didn't receive anything that I can find. All previous tanks are complete so that is not the reason. I was working on the next tank at the same time and still need to complete it, but I don't think that should prevent me from getting my bonuses. Anyone have an answer?

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    Have you gone back to each individual aquarium and checked to see that it has 3 stars? If you just look at the screen with the 4 sets of aquariums, it may look like you have all 3 stars, but there might be just a few lacking. It happened to me. Go back and check each one, and if you find you do have 3 stars, then contact help through your game.

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    You were right Klc214. Thanks. I went back and checked each individual tank for 3 stars. I was missing a few beauty points in my Hawaii tank and had lost the 3rd star. The page with the 4 aquariums on it showed all 3 stars completed when they actually weren't. Haven't changed anything in that tank since I added 2 Unique Fish to it months ago. Don't know why it was suddenly missing beauty points.

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