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Thread: Where did your signature quote come from?

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    Question Where did your signature quote come from?

    So I started this thread just to find out a bit more of the people here and, if anyone’s wondering, my quote came from Katrina in Animal Crossing (she says that after every fortune telling session). Thought it was “inspirational” or whatever, even though it was ripped from a kids game So, where did your signature quote come from? (If you have one, that is)
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    Mine is from Blackadder, in response to Nevada's, because she reminds me of Melchett when she laughs - Baha!

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    You can easily see where mine comes from. It is my favorite scripture from the Bible because it ties so much into my life and how I view things. It reminds me that my opinions don't trump others because they view theirs just as highly as I view mine.
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