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Thread: Halloween event

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    Halloween event

    While the update shows halloween theme opening the game. Once opened, cant participate in the event. For about 4 hours i have tried different things and sent numerous messages to help and support.

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    The actual event hasn’t started. They said it would be around the middle of the month. They always update it before the event. You’ll see a special icon on the top of the screen when it does begin.

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    I have been playing a great deal since the new Halloween event started, but no matter how many games I win, it is frozen with only the option to redeem the first two choices. Everything else is grayed out, and the third picture of the mailbox continues to say “Beat 1 more level.” I’ve restarted the game and restarted my phone and nothing works. Please help!

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    Nevermind, it appears that restarting my phone did fix it. After I did that and won another game, it finally gave me the “mailbox” option. Sure wish I did that days ago...

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    Last Halloween we only had to collect pumpkins to purchase items. This year we have to beat levels before we can purchase decorations. I'm at level 1133 and have to beat 142 levels before I can purchase the witch fish? Please go back to last year's rules.

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