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Thread: Recycling Center [Merged]

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    I agree! I was just wishing I could deconstruct orvrecycle my pillows because I need the feathers!

    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight Bookworm View Post
    Hahaha! I love the title of "Deconstruction Factory"!

    imho...both Recycle and Deconstruction are workable...because...yes while recycling an item may different in "real life" is just a game and it can have any name.

    It's a neat idea.

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    Factory that breaks down items


    My idea is to break down items that require other items to be made (i.e. Cookies, Burgers, Water Bottles, etc). This can be achieved by creating a factory that breaks down items that you submit and the products that create it will be what is produced.

    For instance, if i submitted a toy, i could gain back rubber and plastic. Or if i submitted a coat, i could gain back cotton fabric and yarn. and so on...

    thanks for the consideration!

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