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Thread: Recycling Center [Merged]

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    Deconstruction Factory

    I would like a deconstruction factory that would enable me to deconstruct products I have made to return to the original state. Example: I'm in a regatta and I need 9 X 3 crates of feathers for my plane. I'm short feathers, can't produce them fast enough, market doesn't have them, and/or I can't afford the market guy. But, I have a hat or badminton made with feathers. I put those products in my deconstruction factory and get the raw products that went into making them.



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    Quote Originally Posted by José De Brum View Post
    Hello everyone. I'm from Montevideo, Uruguay. I'm the proud mayor of a beautiful town called "La Mano Generosa" (in Spanish: "The Generous Hand") and at this moment I'm about to reach level 55. My co-op, at this moment, is "Alexandria".

    These are my suggestions:


    - Recycling Center: I imagine a building with conveyor belts, where plastic bottles, paper and other materials enter and leave. It must have a large green recycling symbol on one side.
    - Radio Station: If you can have a TV station, why not have a radio station too?


    -Headstones: I think a decoration like this would give a little more realism to the city. To respect your prohibition of adding any worship place or symbol to the game, I suggest that the tombstones are simply rectangular (or ogee top, oval, arc, oval with shoulders), instead of having the shape of a cross or any other religious symbol.
    -Solar Energy Panels: You can build a hydroelectric power plant as a community building and buy wind turbines as decoration. So I propose to add another ecological source of energy to the game. You could add a solar power plant as a community building or small individual panels as decoration.
    -Palacio Salvo: Some very beautiful buildings from all over the world are available as decoration (Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Sphinx of Giza, for example). As a Uruguayan, I think it would be very nice to add the Salvo Palace, which is a beautiful and emblematic building of my country.


    -Printing Shop: I think that the books should be produced by a printing shop and not by the paper factory. In addition, this new factory would also print magazines and newspapers.
    -Tea Factory or more types of tea in Beverage Factory: Tea is a beverage as consumed as coffee, and that's why I find it strange that there is not a factory especially for this drink (as there is for coffee). If you cannot create a tea factory, I propose that the beverage factory produce hot tea (normal tea) in addition to iced tea.

    At the moment I have no more suggestions. Thank you, and best regards to all of you.
    Very cool ideas! I hope some (or all) would be implemented soon

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    Deconstruction Unit

    This building will allow you to place an item inside and then it will deconstruct it and return to you the original items.

    For example: if you put in the bed, you would get back 1x silk fabric, 1x cotton fabric and 2x pine tree.

    the use for this would be to allow you to get some materials alll at once depending on what you deconstruct and in less time. obviously the time for each item to deconstruct would be different but it would have to be less than the longest time of creation of the items you would get back. that would then also depend on the amount of upgrades you have made in the academy of industry.

    dont know how helpful this would be to other people, but i kinda think it would be great

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    Фабрика наоборот

    Давайте сделаем такую фабрику, которая будет раскалывать продукты обратно на составляющие? Понадобилась, к примеру, пшеница срочно, а все поля заняты. Идешь на эту фабрику, загружаешь, например, батон, и через 3 минуты (или сколько там времени на батон уходит?) забираешь пшеничку. Время раздели продуктов равно времени их приготовления. М, как вам идея?

    Let's make the factory which can split products on components. For example I need some wheat. Go to this factory, put a bread in a box. And then after 3 minutes take wheat. Time of spliting depends on time of manufacturing.
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    Hahaha! I love the title of "Deconstruction Factory"!

    imho...both Recycle and Deconstruction are workable...because...yes while recycling an item may different in "real life" is just a game and it can have any name.

    It's a neat idea.
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    New idea “deconstructor” Deconstructor separates complex item into base items

    My idea is for a new factory called “The Deconstructor” it takes a complicated item that took more than one item to build and separates it into its base items (like taking a tuxedo and separating into cotton fabric, blue yarn, and silk fabric). Should probably take twice as long to do this as it took to originally took to make the item, but open to suggestions. I sure hope this suggestion makes it in the game because I think it would add another layer of fun to the game!!

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    Hi, Dickpondville, welcome to the forum! I have one question - why? I understand your explanation of the "deconstructor" but don't understand the purpose. It seems like a lot of lost time, given the original production time and then the 'deconstruction' time. Barb

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    Perhaps you need an Item and your lines are full and maybe you can’t ask. Also it would give you the ability to store much more, simple example 1 bread stores 2 wheat ect...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickpondville View Post
    Perhaps you need an Item and your lines are full and maybe you can’t ask. Also it would give you the ability to store much more, simple example 1 bread stores 2 wheat ect...
    Cool idea, shared also by several others, just posting to add that if implemented, deconstruction should maybe cost coins rather than time. Things take a long time to build but can be destroyed in an instant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickpondville View Post
    ... Also it would give you the ability to store much more, simple example 1 bread stores 2 wheat ect...
    yes, and now that this idea has been merged into its big brother--thread, see post #6 on page 1:

    Quote Originally Posted by 2crazy4u View Post
    I've seen this request before (from someone else) and I don't think the devs will bite. It would be another way to store stuff, so it would throw the game balance off.
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